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Yeah, for instance, with my NAD Viso HP50, I like it set to 2 ohms best.  I won't claim to have any idea what is most accurate, though.  And there can always be confounding factors.
I don't think it's really possible for you to be "certain" that the balance problem you seem to have with the MHP1000 is common to all of them.  But otherwise this is a really good write-up.  Thanks!  This is one of the headphones I'm interested in, and there is precious little being said about it compared to other flagship headphones.
What I notice with higher impedances and the SE846 is less treble and less clarity overall.
Yes, I can attest to the effect that output impedance has on the sound of the 846.  On the CEntrance HiFi M8, it sounds substantially better when the impedance is switched over to 1 ohm than with the impedance set to 11 ohms.
I agree and disagree with you here.  Female vocals (all vocals really) do sound terrific with the SE846.  And the 'phone sounds truly great across a wide swath of the frequency spectrum.  But up top there seems to me to be something missing.  Of course all of my comments here are "to my ears, with my gear."  When I got the 846, I was stunned that it beat my DT880 not just in quantity of bass but in quality.  Same goes for the midrange as well.  But treble?  It's not even...
Thread goes nuts in 3, 2, 1...
I have the Snapdragon Note 4 as well.  I really enjoy the SE846 from it.  Sure, it sounds better from the CEntrance, but it's really not a complete slaughter.  The SE846 works really well in a true convenience portable setup, imo.
Not sure how I got it in my head that they didn't do that.  Thanks!
I'm with you.  I would love them to be priced there or lower, but I suspect they'll be looking at what Audeze sells their premier headphones for and testing the waters just above that.  In that case, though, I'm out.  I just can't shell out that much.
Anybody know if/where these can be purchased in the U.S.?
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