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Really. That store is dreamy. I want to move in.
Oh, okay.  Thanks.
 Does this statement remain true even with the bass cranked up?
Whose video?
Oops!  Sorry about that.
Hmm, the open version named "Ether," bringing to mind airiness and access to the cosmos.  The closed version, a trap, confining the sound, encasing you in limited space...call it "Clunch?"   I'm just playin', btw.  I'd like to see a closed top-tier headphone from them as well (not to say their other offerings are slouches).
What a fantastic find.  Thanks!
Yep, it's actually surprising to me how much the volume changes with the impedance.  I expected it to change, but not so drastically.  When comparing, I do make sure I volume match as best I can. Another thing that I find sometimes has a surprising effect is how bass impact is perceived when the rest of the frequency range is altered.  I think that, to some degree, we interpret impact over the whole frequency range and are less adept at singling out bass impact than we'd...
Yeah, for instance, with my NAD Viso HP50, I like it set to 2 ohms best.  I won't claim to have any idea what is most accurate, though.  And there can always be confounding factors.
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