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That's good to know.  I would be most interested in using them at home.  Generally, when I use the SE846 portably, I am exercising and not really listening quite as closely.  I mean, we all always want better and better sound under all circumstances, but it's not exactly a situation where we're suffering when listening to the SE846 stock, haha.  :) Thanks for the information.  I will most likely be trying these cables.
Yeah, I don't expect it to fundamentally change the SE846's character.  I use a HiFi-M8 with the impedance set to 1 ohm, which, like you say, helps brighten the sound signature.  I love the bass and mids of the SE846.  And while the lack of treble means I tend to use other 'phones for close listening, it's still an addictive and non-fatiguing sound to me, and I use the Shures a lot.  But I'm always looking to coax a little bit more treble from them.
Very interesting, thanks!
What cable do you use with it?  And does it help it deliver more treble?
Oh boy!  That's what I have.  Hmm...
Thanks for confirming that.  I've read a number of your posts here and I really like how frank and direct you are with us.  It's great to get useful and pleasant feedback from manufacturers.
I bet consistent tensioning would be pretty difficult.  I'd think very small variances could lead to significant differences in sound.  And you're right about Google's search results.  For lots of sites, theirs is better than the site's own search.  Some sites have truly horrible search functionality.
Lol @ Google-Fu.  I'm going to have to nick that for future use!
Listening conditions can definitely be confounding factors.  And maybe they do change a good bit with differing upstream gear, but it seems like, eventually, a more cohesive view of a headphone's sound signature usually arises.  I was just wondering if anyone had seen such a thing yet.
This is getting to be like the EL8 threads.  Wildly different characterizations of the sound signature.  Some saying the Ether has great slammin' bass, others saying it's bright and anemic in the bass region.  Anybody read about these more widely than me, maybe at other sites, too?  Is there anything close to a consensus view on the sound signature of these 'phones?
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