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I'm really glad you brought such great gear!  I completely forgot to listen to the HD800, haha.  I think I wound up liking the HE1000 over the SR009.  But, like I was saying to you at the meet, I think the HE1000 presents its strengths more quickly than does the SR009.  When I listen to a set of headphones for the first time, I don't always "get" them right away.  It's like my brain has to learn how to make a few internal settings adjustments before I know what I really...
 Haha!  I LOVE that place...even though they no longer make my favorite meal (the Volcano!). And like others have said, it was great meeting you folks!  I look forward to the next one. Thanks John and AVCOA!
I just saw this posted on innerfidelity. I'll be there too. I look forward to going to my first meet!   I can bring:   Headphones: Audeo PFE 132 and 232 Shure SE846 Sennheiser HD595 Beyerdynamic DT880 NAD Viso HP50 Oppo PM3 Audeze LCD-X (picking it up today from Sight + Sound Gallery!)   Amps: Fiio E18 Kunlun MiniBox E+ Centrance HiFi-M8
   Thanks for both replies!  They really help to give me a better idea of what the Laylas sound like.
I imagine they trounce the SE846 up top.  How about the bass?  Do they slam and rumble down low as nicely as the Shures?  Or can they be made to with the bass adjustment?
Yeah, that's a good approach.  I'm really looking forward to more reliable reviews of the Ether.  It's not that there haven't been any.  But we all have our favorite pro reviewers and posters who we feel we can depend on.  More of those people will be giving detailed reviews in the not-too-distant future.     And I also look forward to seeing measurements.  They're definitely not the last "word" in describing a headphone, but I tend to find them very useful indicators.
Agreed.  Trying to make a review a piece of art isn't always advisable.  If you're really really good at it, go ahead.  But make sure you also say things more directly and clearly alongside the flourishes. EDIT: Just wanted to note that I was not talking about the above-linked review in particular.  It was actually not one terribly prone to this problem, imo.  There is a LOT of bad review writing out there, though.
 It sounds like that mod fundamentally changed the SE846 sound signature.
Yes, thanks for the impressions.  Sounds like you're saying it's frequency response is kind of v-shaped, right?  After owning the DT880, I know I don't want something with recessed mids.
So I wonder if that "(NEGATIVE)" is supposed to work like adding "not" at the end of a statement in order to negate it or if he's saying they suck.
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