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Oh, actually one more question.  I also have the Oppo PM-2.  I'm guessing the 2.5 mm version would work with this, right?  And I don't see anything indicating a 2.5 mm connector in the dropdown.  Which one would that be?
Okay.  Thanks for the reply!
Is there a version that works with the PSB M4U 4?  I have the Westone Bluetooth Cable which works with my SE846, but that doesn't fit with the M4U 4 so it's not a standard MMXC connector.
 Same here.  No problem with hiss.
Why would it not be that way to begin with?  Is there any reason we should not unlock full 1 Vrms output voltage?
Earphone Solutions sent out an email advertising a pre-order for the Westone bluetooth cable.  Going to their site, you see that Shure is supported:   "Compatible with Westone W10, W20, W30, W40, W50, W60, UM PRO 10, 20, 30, 50 and ALPHA Adventure. Also compatible with Shure SE215, SE315, SE425, SE535 and SE846. Microphone built-in to take phone calls on iPhone, Android or any other phones with Bluetooth capability."    
You might try the Etymotic ER4-S.  I think they usually sell for a little bit more than your limit, but with some searching, you might find a price that's close.  Or you could go for a used pair.
Sorry I missed this post.  We should definitely do this.
That'd be great.  I'm currently in Stone Mountain, but looking at moving to Decatur myself.  But I'd be willing to drive a bit if I had to.  Anywhere in the Atlanta metro area.
 I really enjoyed hearing your Ether.  One day, I'd like to give the Ether a good long listen with classical music.  It seemed like it would be particularly good for that purpose.  And I was a little stunned at how light and comfortable it was.  Good-looking, too, without being showy.  Definitely a winner.
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