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Hey all, looking for a desktop solution for my HD700s. Looking to spend around 400$ i'm intrested in the o2 amp. I really just need something powerful and colourless. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Hey all, looking to amp my HD700 on the go. Can anyone reccomend a powerful colorless amp for under 400$?
Got a ibasso d10, great guy works perfect =)
Hey people, kinda new here but I've doing a bit of research on here and well I have some money now and I want to upgrade from my HD 555 to some HD 650's or 600's I'm open for trades with the 555's plus cash if interested. Also looking for a a good amp around 200$ let me know what you got I'm kinda a noob.
so where do i pick one up seems to be sold out online everywhere.. any local spots have them yet?
OK so im new to the site.. Hello everyone I have a few questions about the 2 sound cards looking at.. I'm interested in the ASUS Xonar Essence because of the headphone amp... Ive been using on board sound on my pc and I want to know if my hd555's will need to be amped for bass, because I want to get a card with EAX 5.0 like the X-FI Prelude by Auzentech (for Bioshock mainly).. I really want a way to adjust the bass on my headphones cause the only thing decent sounding for...
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