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Hey everyone. Was wondering if there are any folks in my area that have some gear I can try out my HD700s on. I'm curious about buying a new amp perhaps or possibly ditching them for something new. Kinda hard to get used to the harshness. Anyway, don't know any audiophiles in the area and would like to kick it. Maybe we can make a mini meet in the area or something?
Hey all, looking for a desktop solution for my HD700s. Looking to spend around 400$ i'm intrested in the o2 amp. I really just need something powerful and colourless. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
Hey all, looking to amp my HD700 on the go. Can anyone reccomend a powerful colorless amp for under 400$?
Got a ibasso d10, great guy works perfect =)
Hey people, kinda new here but I've doing a bit of research on here and well I have some money now and I want to upgrade from my HD 555 to some HD 650's or 600's I'm open for trades with the 555's plus cash if interested. Also looking for a a good amp around 200$ let me know what you got I'm kinda a noob.
so where do i pick one up seems to be sold out online everywhere.. any local spots have them yet?
OK so im new to the site.. Hello everyone I have a few questions about the 2 sound cards looking at.. I'm interested in the ASUS Xonar Essence because of the headphone amp... Ive been using on board sound on my pc and I want to know if my hd555's will need to be amped for bass, because I want to get a card with EAX 5.0 like the X-FI Prelude by Auzentech (for Bioshock mainly).. I really want a way to adjust the bass on my headphones cause the only thing decent sounding for...
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