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This is helpful even though it's a Grado: http://www.head-fi.org/t/431493/balanced-xlr-conversion-howto-grado-gs1000 It's always good to use a multimeter to double check -+, they are cheap and I found myself using it a lot of times when experimenting with different headphones over the years. This is not a XLR solder job but is helpful: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e32rMoCEZ8c Finally, Audio-gd has a step by step that is a good...
 Its much easier than you think, try youtube. Also, if you make a mistake, it can be redone
Jumpers will provide very subtle changes in "warmth" with AGD amps from my exp.
I have asked the same years ago, there is no answer because 99% of sound quality is the quality of it's original recording regardless of sample rate, blah, blah. Ripped remastered CDs are all you want despite sample rate marketing.
well said but I am admittedly a fan of AGD for bang-for-buck reasons
I owned an xpa2 for a while, powerful but i sold it due to what I felt was a bit of glare and edge to the sound, never have I heard glare from any of my numerous agd products including my monster C10SE amp
In perfect shape, used sparingly but enjoyed a lot- going back to full stereo system and no longer need them or have space for them. Ships in original box with power cables.   Free shipping in CONUS only via FedEx or USPS Priority with tracking provided.   Paypal only.   I am getting a lot of low ball offers I'm not looking to give these away the price is fair considering shipping is included
Just received the 5s running from a much higher end pre/DAC than necessary (down sizing, long story) but the bass from these are more than I expected. Not sub woofer levels in depth but I had to tone them down to the lowest setting. I love deep bass too but you might be okay with the 5s as-is. You could do the 5s from the Dragonfly for a total of about $500. Call Emotiva about open box 5s, I got mine for $300 shipped, same for Dragonfly (from Audio Adviser for example).In...
No problem but the O2 with DAC is $279 plus shipping and tax so about the same as the NFB-15 for a lot less features and power supply/regulation.If $300 is too high, I would stick with the E17. I had it and thought it pretty darn good. A lot of people use a banana hanger: http://www.amazon.com/Euro-Banana-Holder-Satin-Nickel/dp/B000G66N2M/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1422315550&sr=8-1&keywords=banana+hanger&pebp=1422315553494&peasin=B000G66N2M Try pleather pads if not already.
Try the pleather pads- I don't hear spiky treble. If you were to upgrade, I would consider the Audio-gd NFB-15 for about $300 shipped. Also, if you have a desk with an edge, try the Koss- http://www.amazon.com/Koss-Hold-Phone-Stereophone-Black/dp/B002AO83HQ Yes, I have all items mentioned.
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