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Give it some decent hours of use (like a week or more) before judging it too closely.
It's up now
I used the old DI-DSP with a 100 CD changer and it improved the sound slightly. The main benefit of the D4 would be to upgrade older USB inputs of DAC's or DAC's w/o USB input.   Edit: Seems like a nice switch box as well like a baby Ref-3 of old.   New DI coming
The Audio-gd NFB-15 has a lot of output (1.8 watts at 50ohm) and is $250. I use the older NFB-12 with my HE-400 much of the time and it sounds excellent with zero noise. Not portable though (but why would you walk around with the HE-400). This combo for roughly $600 (new) is unbeatable IMO.
I think a lot of your issues can be solved with a more powerful amp and pleather pads vs. the velours. It's not a D7000 with the bass but quite good and I have never heard sibilance.
I have both the 770 and HE-400, the bass on the 400's is superior IMO. It is truly deep and refined, 770's aren't bad but not as detailed or go as deep.
In good condition- lettering paint is fading in a couple places and some minor scuffs, nothing serious. I applied some electrical tape over the edges of the pads to add a little bass. I can remove if seller wants- does not affect or harm the pads. Looking for cash so no trades at this point. Paypal only (fees included). Free shipping in CONUS only, sorry no international shipping.
That is a question for him but yes it will be most recent I'm sure.Kingwa answers questions very quickly (on China time though).
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