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Just received the 5s running from a much higher end pre/DAC than necessary (down sizing, long story) but the bass from these are more than I expected. Not sub woofer levels in depth but I had to tone them down to the lowest setting. I love deep bass too but you might be okay with the 5s as-is. You could do the 5s from the Dragonfly for a total of about $500. Call Emotiva about open box 5s, I got mine for $300 shipped, same for Dragonfly (from Audio Adviser for example).In...
No problem but the O2 with DAC is $279 plus shipping and tax so about the same as the NFB-15 for a lot less features and power supply/regulation.If $300 is too high, I would stick with the E17. I had it and thought it pretty darn good. A lot of people use a banana hanger: Try pleather pads if not already.
Try the pleather pads- I don't hear spiky treble. If you were to upgrade, I would consider the Audio-gd NFB-15 for about $300 shipped. Also, if you have a desk with an edge, try the Koss- Yes, I have all items mentioned.
Ah, I clicked on the wrong one.
HE-9 is $650 more than Master-9. He actually has taken some time to bring out new stuff, upgraded designs used to come every few months (Master-5/6/8/9, I have the Master-5).
Works on my Master-5 w/o issue
tinted plastic sheets from a hobby store, cut to fit the display cuts down brightness by however much you want.
I was told the 02 version had the best amps- the 03 and later versions went to a different, cheaper amp (I own the 4802).
Used Energy speakers like the RC10 or the older eXL (eXL-16 are superb for the money) series are great. I also like older Mirage with the gold dome tweeters like the M490.
Make your own cable with the thinner 2893 Mogami cable, easy and fun if you have a solder gun- mine is very thin and flexible with zero microphonics
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