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Posts by christine is having a spring sale until April 14 on their full size stereophones.   offer code: SPRINGTIME   I've seen some people using the Pro DJ100 as a portable and the DJ100 falls under Koss's "full size" category. Not as good as the Best Buy sale a few months ago though.
Comfort not an issue? Hmm, might be worth a try then. I have a hard time with most earbuds.  
Haha, yeah, same headphones, but there is a slight difference with the V150iP. Not sure if an in-line remote and mic on a pair of not-so-good headphones are worth the $20 extra.
Love your pictorial thread, MDR30. Some great (and funny) ideas in here.     A hard travel case for Sony Noise Canceling headphones:       There's Egg(o)s in this basket!     (The AKG K81/518 also fit perfectly.)
The same friends who introduced me to banh mi got me hooked on pho. Yum.   And, haha, after Googling, I know what hột vịt lộn is! But, I know it by a different name. I can't even get myself to eat that, which is unfortunate as I've heard it's pretty tasty.
  That isn't exactly going to impress most people here.     (P.S. You do look like a spammer.)
Like putting lipstick on a pig.
+ 1 for the AKG 518 (or K81).   I had the K81DJ for a long time and they were my go-to portable headphones. They definitely have bass. I also removed the foam inserts.   Good luck!  
  Sometimes I'll respond with "no," but then they'll laugh and go on to ask it anyway.  
If you haven't already, you should post it in the big Watch-Fi thread.
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