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@JDGAFFLIN, I am not good in descibing what I hear in words, but I have learned a lot here!
@JDGAFFLIN, I am waiting for your thoughts after you received them And would like to know how you judge your $20 purchase.
^ x2
So, after 6 months, does the popularity of A2000X users increase? Or, decrease?
Pick one:
Great! Take your time
CK10 perhaps? People say they are a more musical RE0, with more bass. I have a pair of CK10, at first I thought the bass is seriously lacking in quantity, but after about a month listening to them, I find them to be rather neutral, and have great details, good imaging. Clarity is definitely better than my IE8. I say give your IE8 some 200 hours of burn in, if you believe in burn in. The 'veil' of midrange/vocal will become less with burning in.
I don't like fishing, but I am willing to wait.
I enjoy the video
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