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I don't have IE7, but loving my IE8. Give them at least 100 hours of burn in. IE8 does change a lot, after some looong 200 hours of burn in. I don't find my IE8 hiss with my iPhone, but with Cowon D2 and iPod Nano (don't know which generation), they hiss badly.
Interesting stuff We will need some scarf for headphones next time
@helljudgement, I remember reading somewhere saying the housing of e-Q7 is designed to match their 'moving armature', so it might be difficult to reshell them. I think it is the same concept as reshelling dynamic IEMs.
^ I like your avatar
@germanturkey, the packaging definitely doesn't have a look of 'I am a-200-dollars' I had the same problems like you, the large stock tips 'push' themselves out of my ears if I force them into my ear canals. I find all the stock tips are really uncomfortable, so I tried some Sony hybrids and Shure triple flanges. Medium Sony hybrid tips give me the most comfortable seal and fit.
Quote: Originally Posted by pj_rage I haven't heard either headphone, but from the outside looking in, it sounds like if you get the JH13, you're not going to be completely satisfied and you'll probably find yourself always wanting the "big" sound. If you don't need portability, you might want to forgo the big expense of the JH13 for the time being and get something full sized first. However, if you need portability, I think the answer here is pretty...
^ Thanks!
Finally I have caught up with this long thread... The Arrow seems promising. The most intriguing part is that this little thing can actually drive HD600/650. Please people more impressions!
@joelpearce, how much is this handsome phones?
Quote: Originally Posted by heishiro Nice!
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