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Even I have mine refurbished broken...   I am not saying they (ericp10 and dweaver) or we (including me) are treating them badly, but I think we just happened to get some of the faulty SM3s.   To be honest, I seriously think that it was not totally my fault for breaking the nozzle when trying to pull out the custom tips. The left custom tip was not properly made as far as I can tell. I can see some gluish thing inside which doesn't appear in the right custom tip.
I have seen both the old version and refurbished version of SM3, though not at the same time. I must say that the refurbished SM3 looks much stronger, and no sign of 'furrow' in the 'border' of the black and transparent plastic housing. Still, they look fragile but if used with care they should be able to last long.
Old thread's revival :)   rawrster if you read this, I am going to say that in no way I will be selling my reshelled UE10Pro ^^ Tested them for 10 minutes and they are good. Still need more time to evaluate them.   I wonder if anyone posted in this thread still lurking in Head-Fi?   EDIT: Didn't realise this is in the Headphones sub-forum...
      gameboy115, rawrster got me there :) I sold some other IEMs and headphones as well to fund that DAP. e-Q7 is the one I miss the most.   rawrster, to make my long story short ;) If you want accurate souding IEMs, (of my IEMs collection) I would suggest SM3. Though SM3 is lacking clarity in the midrange compared to CK10.  
  I couldn't recall why I sold my e-Q7...Oh, to fund a DAP. A DAP of a retail price $800, which I never regret even once for selling it after realising I don't enjoy it...   It makes me want the e-Q7 again.     You two are making me want to have a try for the RE-series :)     Seems like Head-Fi has come to a conclusion that SM3 is not the best of the best, or at least SM3 is not for everyone. However you won't know until you try the SM3 :)       I can tell that you...
  I think it is pretty obvious yours are fake :(   Where you bought them from? eBay?  
It's cold isn't it FX700 :(   FX700 is brilliant for classic. I am enjoying the wood very much.   I play golf (+36, perhaps more?). There are more titanium than wood nowadays.
Photofan1986, glad that I am not alone :) To my ears there is something weird in the lower midrange of SM3 too. However I don't have my IE8 with me now so I can't compare.   cravenz, I have been using IE8 with bass dial set to maximum for more than half a year I think. Then I changed the bass dial to the minumum and I am happy with it :)
I hope there won't be any delay for the release. I am pretty sure HandHeldAudio will have some demo units once they are released, so you know your mission Bennyboy :)       I think SM3 and W3 are totally different in terms of sound signature. I haven't try W3, but from what I read, they have a U-curved frequency response. SM3 should be more balanced sounding in comparison, with a precise and tight bass, forward but non-fatigue midrange, and laid-black treble. In...
The previous post is a bit long...   anomalouscode (Anomalouscode the Mixer), I somehow missed your question on audiologist. The Rion site does seem very, 'pro' :) I got my ear impressions done in an audiologist near my place, which is a local shop with only 2 staff. I think the best place to get ear impressions is Suyama, as they make their own custom IEMs so they know what they are dealing with. However, any audiologist, or any spectacles shops which makes hearing-aids...
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