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  I agree with you. I didn't say I prefer CK10 to SM3 because of the slight difference in clarity :) It's true to my ears that CK10's clarity is 'artificial'.   In my opinion, CK10 is better in midrange clarity. If one never think that the midrange clarity is artificial in CK10, I think he/she will have a hard time accepting SM3. I had this problem when I received my SM3. I was listening to CK10 extensively (trying to love them ^^) and I got my SM3. Everything was so...
    I think the green colour material is a thin 'paper' of filter, attached to a piece of silver-color metal. The silver-color metal doesn't extend all the way down to the housing. I guess the silver metal is about half the lenght of the nozzle. I know this because when my nozzle ripped off halfway, the tip of the nozzle, with the green filter and silver metal was left inside the custom tips.     MayaTlab, perhaps the forward midrange is bothering you?     You are here...
  In such situation I imagine there is a man sitting beside stroking a black cat :)     I still think that SM3 is veiled, lacking clarity in the midrange. This is very obvious when I compare SM3 side by side to CK10 and reshelled UE10Pro. However, once I listen to music the veiled midrange don't bother me anymore. The midrange is always full and forward, in a pleasant way.     Just curious, what do you find lacking with SM3?   You sure you got the latest refurbished...
Pianist, it would be great if you add the phrase 'based on my memory' whenever you do an indirect comparison between your current phones and those gone. In my opinion of course.
I need my limbs to survive. I feel more secure if I can see. If tragedy stroke on me, I'd choose to give up my hearing.
Reshelling from Rooth: http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/492157/hfi-high-fi-international-appreciation-and-rooth-impressions-thread-new-online-company-in-japan/45#post_6766213   I am not following the Unique Melody or Fischer Audio threads, but I think a search in those threads might give you something relevant.
I think I better change the word to 'low-profile' :)
koonhua90, nice impressions! Lucky you :)   I think I have to apologise to everyone here regarding build quality of SM3. Apparently I am the first to report a broken SM3, and even posted some stupid pictures. Yes I admit I could definitely fix them myself, but I decided to get custom tips from EarSonics that time, so I thought I might as well send my broken pair of SM3 and ear impressions to EarSonics.   I emailed Franck asking about my broken SM3 before sending...
ericp10, I agree FX700 and Radius DDM are good complements to SM3. They are of different flavours :) FX700 is on par with SM3 technically (instrument separation and 3D imaging) in my opinion.   The little bump in lower midrange is, in my opinion, not a bad thing at all. It makes the midrange more 'enjoyable' and full sounding, but sacrifices clarity.   james, sorry for the stupid question on 'refine'. I figured out myself, which mean 'good'.
james nice quick summary. Just curious, by 'refine' do you mean smooth?   I second what you said, though I am yet to find the forward mids to be fatiguing even for long listening session. I think I am qualified to try the SE530 or SE535 :)     Finally lol.       x2 :)
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