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I just grab the picture from some site ^^; Prairie is kind of my 'dream' phoography theme lol.   Youtube has some Ralph Vaughan Williams :) And I am listening to them right now.
Some information on SE530 and SE535 :)
Thanks for the info Sasaki :)   So SE535 and SE530 are indeed different. That's a good thing. If I read correctly some did ask Shure about the differences between SE530 and SE535 and Shure replied other than the build and cable, not much changes in the drivers or crossover. The minor changes in drivers or crossover do affect sound much then.
james hope that you still have the loaner SM3 with you to do some comparison :)   By the way, two new BA models from FAD again: heaven s (29,800yen) heaven a (19.800yen)
      Yes it is good to have two, or more different flavoured phones I like :)     Definition of 'airy': (from Describing Sound - A Glossary)     Both SM3 and IE8 are not utterly smooth, they are a tiny bit 'grainy'. A bit 'grainy' isn't a bad thing, as everything, every sound or noise I hear in my real life is not exactly smooth as butter. The 'grain' in both of them makes music sounds more real. The 'grain' contributes to airiness. I find that airiness and...
4000yen lol...   I am nut when it comes to these credit card payment thing. I don't own one, so my brother pay :)   I have been reading stuff that shops shouldn't charge extra fees (which is meant to be paid to the credit card company like Visa or MasterCard) for a payment using credit card. If they do it's kind of illegal. I am not sure here, just based on some reading on the internet.   Sorry I am derailing the thread.
anomalouscode, any additional charges/fees for the bank to bank transfer?   I think adding a titanium faceplate is cool :) Then artwork on top.
Finally my friend gave me back my IE8. Even I am holding IE8 with my left hand and SM3 with my right now, I don't dare to give any comment before extensive listening and comparing. I am rediscovering IE8 after parted with them for a month. My poor audio memory didn't remember the IE8 sounded this good :)   Listening to IE8 and in the mean time digging up some posts about comparison between IE8 and SM3 (mostly from Photofan1986).        
ElWappo, thanks for your valuable input. This thread is going damn fast, so let's quote :)             For me, custom IEMs isn't far better in comfort. I have a reshelled UE10Pro, they fit in my ears nicely but I feel 'uneasy' after long listening session, and the acrylic shell can get hot. Universal IEMs are lighter, don't contact much with my ears, easy to insert in and pull out from my ears. It's good to have a good universal IEM as backup even if you go for custom...
MayaTlab, I have no experience with those portable headphones you listed. If you go straight to something like T1 (like average_joe did), I am pretty sure you won't come back to this thread :) Oh T1 is a full-size? Then ED8 or T5p lol. Thanks for the comparison between SM2 and SM3. Indeed very easy to understand.   Unless you have weirdly-shape or ridiculously asymmetry ear canals I don't see how custom eartips could solve the decay/echo/reverb you are talking about,...
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