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  Sorry I am not sure if the shell is filled with silicone or acrylic...anomalouscode you don't want to be a bad boy :)          Quote:   I have nothing for you to critisize, because I am not the one making them   I remember reading similar things about filling silicone into the shell. Different company different policy? However I think the filled up shell would be much heavier though...Which might be a cause of discomfort for long time listening.     That's good thing :)  
Build quality of SM3 is questionable. However I think that the build quality of EM3Pro, or any other custom IEMs, should be better than SM3. If I am not mistaken, the shell of EM3Pro is made from hard acrylic with silicone filled inside the shell, protecting the drivers and increase isolation as well.
    MayaTlab upgraded to SM3 from SM2 :)  
LOL james :)   Anyway your above statement about RE-0 and HJE900 caught my eyes. My best friend is starting to appreciate my IEMs, and I think HJE900 makes a good birthday present :)  
  I don't expect any price down or discount for EM3Pro lol :)     Thanks for the comparison. EM3Pro seems very promising then :) Though I am already leaning towards EarSonics.  
dfkt and james, you two are good friends :)   Thanks for the review dfkt. So is james sending his FI-BA-SS to you?   I am just fooling around ^^
  I was thinking the same too ^^ However since I am loving the sound signature of SM3, I am leaning towards to EM3Pro. And Franck is a better man to communicate with in my opinion. I emailed to JH Audio before so I know, that sometimes I have to email them twice just to get a reply...I know they are busy with orders, which I can't blame them.   shigzeo is going to hate me for derailing this thread so many times...
  I don't think there is any currently. Might have to wait till August or September. I will be trying them once they are released next month, during my summer holidays!     It is true I can always audition before purchase. But I am from suburban and to make my journey to and fro Tokyo costs me $60 (USD). So I only go to Tokyo when I have long holiday and stay in my friends place :)     Then that makes sense :)   Speaking of which, where is javajive? I think he never...
  Of course :) But I have to burn them for at least 100 hours first.   What I am confident to say now is, RE-ZERO and SM3 are different in sound signature (price as well ^^). They focus on different frequencies. RE-ZERO is more to the high-mids and treble. SM3 is more to the mids and bass. Both sound natural and accurate to my ears. It's more about what sound signature you like, and how much are you willing to pay.   Still early to give any conclusion, however putting...
average_joe, so you mean EM3Pro and SM3 share the same sound signature? Especially in the treble and midrange.   koonhua90, congrats on your JH16 purchase!
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