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I think the Roland's came out before the Ortofon's, both around spring/summer of 2009.   RH-PM5 is a traditional single BA, e-Q7 is a moving BA. RH-PM5 is made in China, e-Q7 is made in Japan.   Based on my limited memory, and I don't have a chance compare them side by side, they don't sound the same. RH-PM5 is quite 'boring', or in other words neutral.   Just some additional information :)
slaters70, if you read this...   For your information, the cable is 2.2 metres looong.   I just tried them for around 20 minutes, and didn't actually do a direct comparison with CK10, so I can only describe how they sound but not how good they sound for $300 ^^;   However I have read things like they have a spacious soundstage, good resolution, and some say that they sound close to the Shure SCL4. An IEM designed for onstage.
Have a look here slaters70 :)
  To my ears as well, smaller tips vs larger tips on FX700 sound totally different. I think I like the smaller tips more, as they give me more clarity, but I miss the bass slam when use with larger tips.   Thanks for the tips :) I will give it a try. Though I have sold them to a close friend of mine.   Sorry to continue from the discussion off topic, just want to say that I recently audition a pair of IEM fom Roland, the RH-PM5, my impressions was: it's like the CK10...
I have no intention to use music_4321's reviews to back up my comment, what I wanted to say regarding SM3 vs UM3X on that particular thread is, even I already owned SM3 that time, in my opinion the poll didn't do justice to UM3X.   Sorry I am just curious to know how SM3 compared to UM3X so I shot out a couple of questions. However I find it to be appropriate since this is not only a thread to appreciate, but to discuss things related to SM3 as well. I would like to...
    Thanks for your opinion music_4321. If you remember there is a SM3 vs UM3X thread where almost eveybody 'worships' the SM3 and 'bashed' UM3X to the ground, though there was only a few who listened or own both SM3 and UM3X. Your description:  makes me wonder if you are a fanbird of UM3X. Just joking :)   In my opinion the SM3 (as well as any other IEMs or headphones) has undergone the 'Introduction to Head-Fi', 'Raising of Popularity', 'Climax' (or FOTM), and...
James, I think you were on holidays when they discussed about this :)  
     Quote: Hi James, just wondering what tips are you using on FX700? I think koonhua90 and ericp10 discussed about how tips could change the sound of FX700 earlier in this thread, and I agree with them. To my ears, using smaller tips, which offer less isolation and loose seal, gives the best clarity and transparency. Bass quantity is reduced, tighter and no more bloated. Mids is brought upfront as well.   Of all dynamic drivers IEMs I owned, FX700 and IE8 favour a...
    Thanks for the response music_4321.   Please have a look at koonhua90's post below. Actually what I want to know is how cymbals crashes sound on UM3X. In my opinion koonhua90 describes the cymbals crashes very well. Do you find that cymbals crashes is placed too distant on the UM3X?  
Thanks for the impressions music_4321. Glad to know you are revisiting your audio nirvana :)   By the way, do you find the high mids in UM3X to be muted, just like the SM3?
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