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  I think when people say Sensorcom tips they mean these: Sensorcom Double-Flange Silicone Tips   These double-flange tips have larger opening compare to those Westone single/triple-flange tips. In my case (and I believe most Sensorcom tips lover here), I have to cut the stem to make it shorter so that they sit still in my ears.   EDIT: Triple-flange tips from Westone, Ety and Shure are identical, they have a very small opening. If you want triple-flange tips with a...
You already know the signatures and details about the three and you are starting a poll?   I know how it feels. Even I know A suits me better I can't help but to look into B at the same time...
Glad you like the smaller tips james :)   The first to discover this is ericp10, koonhua90, and cn11. I was just suggesting :p   So james are you going to write another review for FX700? :)
  I sent my SM3 to EarSonics asking for repair, because I realised that bass from the right earpiece is louder then the left. EarSonics confirmed that there is some problem on the left earpiece and they are going to solve them.   I know another head-fier who had this problem as well. So, in my opinion you might want to mail EarSonics to tell them your problem.  
SM3 and UM3X is not the same, but I find that this chart is very useful.   When playing tips on IEMs with narrow nozzles, just like the UM3X, it is good to prepare a set of 'spacers' (the plastic tube you can find in the comply tips), so that you can fit tips of different aperture on your UM3X.
The Radius is not Terrans-ears friendly :)   TWF21 is a dual-driver, but currently I get no information on the driver size.
    To sum it up: TWF21 has less bass quantity (not anemic though), more forward mids, more treble quantity, compared to TWF11 (the current DDM). The article also said that TWF21 has very good resolution/detail :)  
I thought shigzeo gets most of his stuff for free?! $150 for SM3 is an incredible deal :)   Take care shigzeo.
This should be more comfortable :)
I just digest what MKang25 said about the treble, since there are a few owners of SM3 said that the treble of SM3 is very detail though laid-back :)
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