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Thank you for the write-up.   I remember those days listening to Hayley Westenra using e-Q7.
Thanks for the information guys!
Thank you for the interesting comparison twister6.   I saw the InEarz-reshelled Pro50 have MMCX connector. Is it the one inherited from the original Westone or InEarz offers MMCX connector as well? 
Oh thanks for sharing! 30 days to go.
EarSonics Facebook did show a teaser but where did you get the information about that something being an universal IEM?
I think my bad english has got you confused.   I don't own any customs. What I meant was, on a plane or train, with shallow fit universal IEMs I have to increase volume more than I usually do in quiet environment. I actually bought a pair of ER-4 for the sole purpose as traveling IEMs. The triple-flanged tips give a deep fit and provide good isolation, but the sound is not what I prefer. ER-4 are the only deep insertion IEMs I am aware of.   I was wondering how...
Yes please let us know once you receive them.   Is the limited color selection of black or clear applied to both the shells and the face plates, or the shells only?
 Hi AnakChan, thank you for your thoughts. I admit that I didn't search thoroughly, but did you post any review on the MH335DW-SR? I realized that you had Ortofon eQ-7 and Ocharaku Kaede in the past, how would you compare the MH335DW-SR to them regarding midrange? I owned the eQ-7 and still have the Kaede. Although I didn't have a chance compare them side by side, I think I would like the eQ-7 better because to me the Kaede's midrange is less engaging. As a side note...
My information might be old...FitEar doesn't disclose the drivers and network configuration of Aya purposely, because they want their customers just to enjoy the sound without any bias based on the specifications of the IEMs.However I think you can more of less speculate the drivers configuration based on there prices. is produced by 3D printing.
Do custom IEMs provide more noise isolation than universal fit IEMs? I find that I have to volume up more than usual using universal fit IEMs.
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