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Yes, I do. Not a problem.  
  Even though  your battery last longer, the only way it will charge is if your unit is powered down.     On my Mac, when I had my modded HiFace, the only way I could power the HiFace on without causing a kernel panic was to do so prior to powering up my Mac or logout prior to powering up and then logging back on.  With the Evo, there's no need EVER, to power down in the interest of recharging a battery.  I couldn't care less about appearance since I don't even see the...
As soon as I heard about this way of adjusting the clamping, I grabbed my HD650's and did it.  It's very safe and it works a treat.  I also did it to my HD600's.  MUCH better now.
No, I haven't really.  I've been looking for information that addresses some of the things I experience and which I think would make comparative testing an issue in some situations.  The books available tend to give formal information on how we respond to music and why?  I'm not interested in that sort of thing.  I'm also not interested in the real nuts and bolts physiology either.  I'm just interested in information on how and why your ears will trick you.  How and why...
I need to correct your spelling there ... i.e., 'addiction' and not 'addition'. 
^ Educational post there.  Thanks for that.  Makes a lot of sense. has a growing  catalog of music on sale, but it's very clear that a woeful minority of mainstream music is available there because the lossless compression that they use is FLAC.
One good reason for going with the EVO is that you have the option of using battery's or a power supply unit that avoids the hassle of power down and recharge rituals.  I decided to go with the EVO and very much appreciate not having to worry about batteries and hence, the stability issues on my Mac that go with powering on and off, the modified HiFace.
Refreshing.   Words bereft of emotional content, but instead, containing a pragmatic analysis, are often true, though admittedly painful/annoying for those who suffer as a result of falling victim to the truth in it. Great comments sir.   The good thing is that there's choice, but so few of us exercise it.  If I needed to or preferred using FLAC, I'd definitely not be using an iPod.   I don't use an iPhone.  Neither do I want one.  It's feature set simply doesn't suite...
  That I agree with.  It's a potential benefit from both sides in that it's wake up call for those who think all they hear is accountable by the physical.  However, on close analysis, it's also a wakeup call for those who place too much trust in experimental data for refuting without doubt, that something does not exist.    So it's a matter of all ye who have ears, let them.  
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