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Have you considered the Yotank? I believe the front is secured to the back by being screwed or Allen-keyed so technically, the case should allow you with some flexibility in terms of size.
Sale pending.
I am prepared to consider reasonable offers on the amp alone too. You know, just to make life easier for you
I am prepared to consider reasonable offers for the amp alone. So if you would like to make an offer please PM me.   Also, for shipping, I will charge a flat rate of 15 USD no matter where I ship it. Insured and tracked so far as is possible.
Thanks alphaphoenix!   For all those interested, the charger I have is indeed 5V 1A.
There are some beautiful watches in this thread. I'm planning to buy my first 'proper' non-fashion watch for my graduation soon, but I haven't decided exactly which one I am going to go for. Before I choose I thought I would do some research on movements and watch makers. Anyone care to recommend any books or website that might be useful? Or even recommend what might be an ideal first serious watch. Obviously because I don't really know my way around movements and such...
How did they fare with the Shadow/LOD/iPod combo?
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