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Appreciate that explanation.
Have you read or know whether the fit is similar to Vsonic VSD3 series of iems?
 Very true, and with many companies racing to the top with price people are forging ahead with cheaper/better alternatives.
Apologies if already discussed. Does this dap have the pitch function, along the same lines as the d2 & d20 where you can increase or decrease the playback speed.
...and so the upward £$trend$£ continues......... whose next Sennheiser to release a new 'top-tier' headphone for 5k? Next year AK to release a product costing 5k?    I'm selling cotton buds coated in pixey dust (weakest link is your hearing). 
No, all companies are competing in a race to the top.  How many brands have headphones over £500, quite a few now as opposed to 10yrs ago. The market is is ripe for us snake oil lovers.
I bought and sold the T51p, the sound and fit wasn't to my liking....; the build quality and pads though were exceptional.  I read many reviews about T51p and DT1350, I noticed the DT1350 had a facelift version, great, purchase made. In my opinion the 1350 is better looking than the T51 and the only negative would be 1350 stock pads. As soon as I swapped out the pads to T51p comfort and sound improved.
I have the dt1350 (refresh) with t51p pads (additional purchase), great headphones. i sold my T51p, just didn't like the sound signature and fit. I also have the TH600 and a pair of Bose QC25.
how low hz does the bass extend?
I have a pair of DT1350, how easy is it to swap over the ear pads with replacement T51 equivalents?
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