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Just purchased one of these, new from Sonicfiber £200 inc taxes & duties. Looking forward to its arrival!
I purchased a pair of Carbo Basso (£33.00 ish), a few thoughts:   I have owned Shure Se530/535, E4, E2C. Klipsch S4, Sen 300cx, Klipsch Custom 3. The quality and depth of bass with the Basso is better than all of those listed, more defined, more depth. Mids feel a little congested/muddy, perhaps some burn in will add life to this..... Treble is the weakest area, not much in the way of sparkle and pretty dull sounding., with that soundstage and clarity is...
Fiio E11 or E12
I listened to my 600's today and A/B with a pair of DT770Pro 80 ohms. They are an improvement in every area over the 770's, (and I love the 770's, still do).
Not fussed if portable, thanks for the suggestions. I could potentially stretch my budget and buy the Fostex HP-P1, would that marry up well with the TH-600?
Any suggestions on an amp around £300 ish mark, could go higher if sound quality scales up accordingly.. I listen to RnB/Hip-Hop, Dance/Electro, some acoustic now and then.  Edited to add, source will either be my PC, or Cowon D20, and I don't have a DAC. My source files are a mixture of flacs, wavs, 320kbps mp3 (and lower).
I'm sure they will be fine.  They are very comfortable, more so than the Fidelio X1's I had, and DT770Pro I currently use.
I've received a pair today and these are made in China and don't come with a 1/4 jack adapter... (thought I read somewhere that they were made in Japan).  The frustration of having these and not being able to listen to them because I need to order a 6.5mm to 3.5mm adapter is overwhelming ;-)
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