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Thank you for the pics!That really helps a lot. I don't have the VSonic VSD5 yet but I wanted to get them and I heard that the Spinfit tips are great, so I wanted to give them a shot. If I wanted to get them from Dopaminer, just telling him white medium Spinfit tips should be good enough right?
I was asking about the sizing for the VSonic VSD5.   Thanks for the clarification though.
Thanks!If I want to get a pair of tips for the VSonic VSD5s, what would I specify when ordering on eBay?
How do I get a pair of these tips? I see them being sold on eBay for $10 a pair http://www.ebay.com/itm/Spinfit-Tips-Authentic-Spinfits-brand-new-from-Japan-/171687936020?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27f9660014   Or is it better through Dopaminer? Or is that Dopaminer's eBay account? I checked the first page and found nothing :\
Oh wow. How long did your VS series IEMs last?
Oh wow ouch... I was looking for a pair of IEMs for daily use at work/on the go that would last at least a year. I don't necessarily beat up my IEMs, but for example like I said my MEElectronics A151p only lasted 1.5 years. The other side isn't 100% dead, but it plays at a lower volume and I pretty much only use the right side, which is annoying but eh. I've heard from other people the these other IEMs are good. DUNU Titan1 || ~100 USDZero Audio ZH-DWX10 DUOZA || ~100...
So I'm in the search of IEMs. I have it narrowed down to these several IEMs but would like recommendations/advice! Budget: Under 150.Setup: Portable. No DAC/amp.Sound: I have a pair of DT 880 250 Ohms that I love. I definitely love bass, but wouldn't say I'm a bass head really. I listen to a lot of hip-hop/rap, electronic, indie rock. These are the ones I've been looking intoVSonic GR07 || ~100 USD ebayVSonic GR07BE || ~130 USD ebayVSonic VSD5 || ~70 USD ebay + Klipsch...
Thanks for the help! The GR07BE is tempting but it's 130, which is almost DOUBLE the VSD5 already... Unless maybe I'm not finding the lowest price but I haven't done too much research. I'm tempted to go for the VSD5 + Klipsch oval tips rec now. That's 70 + 11 = 81 dollars :p
Ah okay I see, t hank you for the responses. I'm leaning towards the GR07 or RE-400 I guess. I'm really looking for the best sub $100 IEM and it seems like all of the choices are pretty much chinese IEMs. Not that it's bad, just a trend I noticed. I am pretty into bass but $130 for that is quite a bit, which is almost double the VSD5 already...
So I'm in the search of IEMs.   I have it narrowed down to these several IEMs but would like recommendations/advice! VSonic GR07 || ~100 USD ebay VSonic GR07BE || ~130 USD ebay VSonic VSD5 || ~70 USD ebay/amazon Hifiman RE-400 || ~80 USD amazon   Looking to just go for the VSD5s. I'm upgrading from an MEElectronics A151p because one side is dead. ~1.5 years old.   Thanks.
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