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 I'm unlikely to organize one for 2015 at this point due to various factors, but I definitely encourage someone else to take the initiative! I actually did some location scouting earlier in the year and found a pretty nice place to hold a meet, the Standley Lake Library in Arvada. They have a meeting room that's just the right size for the CO local meets and costs just $50 for a day. Front Range Community College in Westminster also had some nice conference rooms, but...
 I suppose Justin will add the info to his Web site someday but until then, he has previous posts that provide some info: I added this info to the GS-X MK2's product page (on the Head-Fi wiki) as well, so folks don't have to dig around...
Garage1217 now has aluminum chassis options!!! Limited time only through 2/20!
  If you pay attention to the fine print on both and, BuySonic doesn't offer returns period, while SonicElectronix has a 60-day policy. So just a guess, but BuySonic may be selling B-stock ("no returns" tends to be standard policy for b-stock items).
 I meant to suggest "a few more ads in strategic places," not heavy ad bombardment. And I totally don't understand your call for either avatars or signatures, and how you expect that to help, when: (1) Larger, more visually-obvious ads across the site would catch more attention from more people who may visit only particular sub-forums (going back to my previous point), (2) members can choose to hide signatures (not saying everyone does, but certainly there are some people...
^ That clinches it, the R70x will be mine one of these days.... recently posted a review of the amp, includes some history on Garage1217 too:
 I'm confused, are you guys throwing out the idea of CanJam also being known as the (Inter)National Head-Fi Meet? I don't understand why you wouldn't welcome Head-Fiers from all over the US, and even the world, unless there's going to be something like "CanJam East" in the future. And why are you calling on Head-Fiers to use your avatar or add a link to this thread to their signature? This is CANJAM—as in, officially Head-Fi-sponsored. How come there isn't a full-on... No 2nd dibs, sorry.
Still have the $25 HDTracks voucher from the HD700 that I bought last year and will likely never use it, so the first person to PM me the correct answer to this question will get it for free: what's the name of their (referring to HDTracks) album released in conjunction with Head-Fi?   Update: taken! Got a ton of PMs at once so for anyone who doesn't get a response back immediately, assume you didn't get it.
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