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Garage1217 now has aluminum chassis options!!! Limited time only through 2/20!
  If you pay attention to the fine print on both and, BuySonic doesn't offer returns period, while SonicElectronix has a 60-day policy. So just a guess, but BuySonic may be selling B-stock ("no returns" tends to be standard policy for b-stock items).
 I meant to suggest "a few more ads in strategic places," not heavy ad bombardment. And I totally don't understand your call for either avatars or signatures, and how you expect that to help, when: (1) Larger, more visually-obvious ads across the site would catch more attention from more people who may visit only particular sub-forums (going back to my previous point), (2) members can choose to hide signatures (not saying everyone does, but certainly there are some people...
^ That clinches it, the R70x will be mine one of these days.... recently posted a review of the amp, includes some history on Garage1217 too:
 I'm confused, are you guys throwing out the idea of CanJam also being known as the (Inter)National Head-Fi Meet? I don't understand why you wouldn't welcome Head-Fiers from all over the US, and even the world, unless there's going to be something like "CanJam East" in the future. And why are you calling on Head-Fiers to use your avatar or add a link to this thread to their signature? This is CANJAM—as in, officially Head-Fi-sponsored. How come there isn't a full-on... No 2nd dibs, sorry.
Still have the $25 HDTracks voucher from the HD700 that I bought last year and will likely never use it, so the first person to PM me the correct answer to this question will get it for free: what's the name of their (referring to HDTracks) album released in conjunction with Head-Fi?   Update: taken! Got a ton of PMs at once so for anyone who doesn't get a response back immediately, assume you didn't get it.
If you don't need to make an immediate purchase, then you should attend the upcoming Axpona audio show in the Chicago area in April. It's mostly for loudspeaker-based audio but there will be some headphone displays there too. More info at and in this thread:   Also is based in Chicago and they sell the HD800 and GS1000. You should...
The Garage1217 Project Polaris meets all of the criteria you mentioned—it's small, solid-state, and can be had for even less if you get it as a DIY kit instead of pre-built. And on paper it's more than powerful enough to drive the Alpha Prime, or any other planar magnetic headphones.
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