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Not really the same subject, but there's an active thread for classical music here:   If you like Bach, Julia Fischer's Bach Concertos, among her other recent albums released through Decca, are mastered very well and sound amazing on high-quality gear. IMO, Fischer provides a great interpretation of Bach as well.   And if you don't mind contemporary classical (i.e., "neo-classical"), the last album I bought...
I'm a little bit ashamed to admit that I'd never heard before of Tina Dico, because I've been a huge fan of Zero 7 ever since Simple Things. Just never paid that much attention to the names of the vocalists.   Anyway, "Home" is one of my favorite Zero 7 songs and I happened to stumble across this video on YouTube recently. Have to say, I almost like this live version more than the studio-recorded one on the CD! And Tina Dico was kinda cute back in the day too.  
Not to hijack the OP's review, but I finally finished up my own full-length review of the R70x:   If there are any questions just post 'em here, please don't send any PMs.
   Not sure if you guys were aware, but HeadAmp Audio Electronics is based in Charlottesville. You can see what they make (and sell) here: Btw, the primary point of contact for HeadAmp on Head-Fi is user @justin w. He's usually pretty busy though, and I don't know if he even has enough space to host formal meets, but I'd imagine one-on-ones shouldn't be too hard to get with most of the stuff he sells.
 Since the Sunrise's info page on the Web site was a bit confusing, I asked Jeremy @ Garage1217 and he confirmed that the Sunrise is indeed an OTL amp, but he also added that it can be "considered a hybrid as amplification is done in the class A stage". Btw, not all of the Garage1217 amps are hybrids—the Polaris which you mentioned is a solid-state amp, and the Horizon is an OTL amp as well.
I just made an update to my Solstice review from last year, added quite a bit of stuff on more tubes, more headphones, etc! Link here:  That'd be an incorrect assumption. According to the Sunrise page, it's an OTL amp, which means it's more ideally-suited to driving high-impedance headphones. The Solstice is a tube hybrid amp and is better-suited to driving low-impedance headphones. So it depends on...
 Not really, just a couple of lines at the end of his April 2016 update:
Tyll @ InnerFidelity recently posted measurements of the MT220:
I'm also selling my R70x, ad is here:   Btw, Tyll @ InnerFidelity measured the R70x recently, the graphs are pretty interesting:
UPDATE: sold   $360 shipped firm to USA residents only via FedEx Ground (price is flat, no additional for any fees). 1st owner, bought new directly from Schiit Audio in December 2015. Condition is 10/10 on the Audiogon scale. All original materials are included (Schiit box, manual, & power cord).   Not interested in trades. Will not sell to anyone who has 0 posts (must have at least 1 post on the forums), and will not ship international either so please don't ask.
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