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Update: I've heard back from MrSpeakers and they just might be sending us an Ether! I'll be planning on pairing it with arteom's gear, with his TPA Opus DAC and Cavalli EHHA.
 The Isness (my CD shows they released that as FSOL, not AA) isn't bad, but I like Alice in Ultraland more. Which new release do you mean? Haven't heard anything they've done since Alice in Ultraland, didn't even realize they were still releasing stuff.
 Not sure how far back you mean by "new", like from the last 10-15 years or so, or more recent than that? These bands formed post-2000: Symphonic metal: Epica, Delain, Leaves' Eyes, SireniaDeath metal: Allegaeon, Gojira, Triptykon, Veil of Maya, Wintersun
These are some of the most unique and trippy-sounding albums I own and probably somewhat esoteric for even hardcore fans of electronica/trip-hop:   Amorphous Androgygnous - Alice in Ultraland Sukia - Contacto Espacial Con El Tercer Sexo Teargas & Plateglass - Teargas & Plateglass
Some albums I picked up earlier this year, all of which I've liked:   Breakfast in Fur - Flyaway Garden (dream pop)   Delta Rae - After It All (folk rock)   The Black Ryder - The Door Behind The Door (alt/indie rock)
 Vinnie Rossi (of LIO/Red Wine Audio), Microshar (they make various portable electronics), and Urban HiFi (online retailer of David Berning's new MicroZOTL 2) are also on the exhibitor list. And yeah it's kinda odd that the CAF site doesn't mention CanMania anymore. Judging from that and the lack of activity in this thread by the event organizer, particularly when the event is just 4 weeks away, it seems like they canceled CanMania and the "meet" isn't likely to happen...
 I'd like to hear your HE-560, HP50, and K7XX, plus the Gustard. And was that the Fidelio X1 or X2? Would like to hear that again too, whichever model it was. Would also like to check out mikesale's Schiit Vali and john57's Alpha Prime. Hopefully I'll be able to bring more than just my MT220 and whatever else I still have by the meet....  
 Wow those binaural videos sound awesome, how did you record those? I counted at least four Garage1217 amps btw, nice to see their amps getting around.  Would've liked to have made it to the meet, hopefully will be able to make it to next summer's. Been too long since I last made it out to a Seattle meet.
There's now a decent chance I might just be in town for the meet, in which case I can try to have an Oppo PM-2 and/or HiFiMan HE-1000—will know more later in August, closer to the meet I'd expect. Not sure on an Ether though, still looking into it.  mandrake50 (from the previous page) owns an HE-560, and since I'd like to hear that myself again too, hopefully he'll bring it. Btw, I know everyone would like to hear the Ether and HE-1000, me included, but I can't yet...
 As someone who also listens a lot to metal, and I own a lot of albums from Disturbed, SOAD, Within Temptation, and Killswitch Engage too, I can't help but feel that you're potentially barking up the wrong tree with the HE-1000. Now admittedly I haven't heard the HE-1000 yet, but generally metal music does not sound good on hi-fi/high-end headphones because the recording quality tends to be very bad. The vast majority of metal albums tend to have tons of dynamic...
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