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Posts by Asr w/ the $50 off coupon that's mentioned on their site. (I'm considering a purchase myself, but must control my wallet!)
The choice is up to you but it seems like the Amperex Orange Globe is a popular option in similar amps like the Schiit Lyr. Not sure about other sites but if you're worried about eBay, make sure to buy from only a 100%-rated seller. They're not too hard to find.
Wrote up a review of the AD2KX here:   If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask here (not via the comments please, it's trickier to respond in that system).
 The Schiit site says that gain is 5x on the Magni, and 6x (High) & 1.5x (Low) on the Asgard 2. 1.5x is really low, that's nearly unity gain! No way anyone would have volume-control issues with a 1.5x gain for any sensitive headphones/IEMs. 
 Who said the LCD-X works well with the SPL Phonitor? Its listed maximum power output @ 32 Ohms (+10 Ohms from the LCD-X's 22 Ohm impedance) is 360 mW. On their Web site, Audeze recommends an amp that can output 1-4W. It's clear from those figures that the SPL Phonitor is completely incapable of properly driving the LCD-X.
 Similar to what gamefreak054 said, you want to try and isolate the cause of the noise by disconnecting the amp from your source and checking for noise when the volume is set to zero on low gain & low resistance. It also depends on what kind of noise you're hearing—if it sounds like hiss, it's most likely the tube, and you should probably stop using it. Generally, tubes are bad when they have a "burnt" look at the top. If the noise is more like a hum or droning, then it...
 Not sure how you're getting your AUD figure. is reporting the exchange right now as: $1500 USD ~ 1100€ ~ $1700 AUD. Also, AKG is Austrian, not German. Some people would probably consider that an insult. Sennheiser and Beyerdynamic are German, not AKG. Edit: oops, may have misread your post, I thought you were referring to AKG at initial reading and didn't see the Head-Fier above who listed his location as Germany
 1500€? The K812 is $1500 USD, which exchanges to approximately 1100€ right now.
 I noticed that you listen to quite a bit of electronica & metal—in that context, you find the bass satisfying for specifically electronica? I personally tend to find that most headphones, especially the flagships, do just fine with acoustic bass but rarely synthesized or electric bass (i.e., metal), so I just wanted to ask your opinion on that. Also do you find that the K812 has more mid-range quantity than the HD800? I know you mentioned less treble, but I didn't see...
 Low resistance generally has a "linear" sound, or what some people would call "solid-statey." However, in the case of the Project Ember, which is a hybrid amp, it means that low resistance will mirror the sound of the tube the closest, compared to the higher output resistance settings. You should be able to hear the effect as you roll tubes.
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