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Just got my Aune T1 from ebay; I don't know if this is normal, but mine came with an electro harmonix tube! Pretty sweet deal!
These were the only 'nice' IEMs I ever owned.  At this point (as you may have seen in my previous FS threads), I'm kind of done with headphones and I'm rallying cash for some decent desktop speakers.  These have low hours and are in very good condition.  I think I have all the rubber tips (which I'll sanitize in alcohol before I ship, if you want them).  However, I honestly the think the comply tips are WAY better.  Continental US only.    +$3 for shipping.   
Low hours.  These were my starter cans.  Nearly mint/non-smoking. 
WHOA!  That was lightning fast.  Cool, shoot me a PM.
Mint AKG 601s.  Low hours.  I've decided to abandon hifi as a hobby. :( Original packaging is included.  I will only accept paypal, and I'm only shipping to the con. us.    Thanks for looking!
If you're willing to make up the shipping difference.  I've heard Italian customs is a nightmare too.  If you're willing to risk it, then I'm down.
Still available.  Bump.
I've tried to like my K601s, but they just seem harsh and fatiguing. And I don't know what to do. Could this be a burn in issue? I don't have many hours on them. But, I also don't have a very good amp. I'm currently feeding them with a sub-par DAC/amp combo from a chinese hi fi diy outfit operating on ebay. I feel like that could be the problem. I've heard that you really need to send some current through these cans to get them to sing. I was thinking about...
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