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Koss Porta Pro upgraded cushioned ear pads. Great quality ear pads not to mention very comfortable, I have an extra new set never been used asking $12 shipping included.  I accept Paypal.  Thanks!
Rotel rb-1080 power amplifier 200wpc features balanced xlr connections, will drive any loudspeaker effortlessly. The amp is in mint condition, not a mark to be found , works and sounds beautifully. Comes with power chord and original box. Shipping is extra, Paypal add 3%, Thanks for looking!
Rega Apollo silver , perfect condition bought at a local hi fi rega dealer as a store demo. The player has a 3 year warranty left ( in Canada ). Comes with box , manual and remote, asking $600, thanks!
Rotel RCD-1070 CD and HDCD player. In perfect cosmetic and working condition , works and looks pristine. Also, this player has a quality Burr Brown DAC chip. Simply a quality unit , very detailed with excellent resolution and dynamics, hard to beat a this price. Comes with power plug and original manual ( no remote , but you have access to all the remote's options on the player ).
Cambridge dacmagic for sale, silver finish. Perfect condition , great budget DAC with lots of options. Nice stereophile review found here : http://www.stereophile.com/digitalprocessors/cambridge_audio_azur_dacmagic_da_converter/ Shipping is an extra $15, thanks!
Audio Technica at-155lc cartridge with stylus . One of the best MM available from audio technica, sounds absolutely fantastic, great definition clarity and tracking ability. The cartridge is like new and the stylus has barely 50 hours on it. I accept Paypal, thanks!
As new hardly used, asking $100 shipping included, pm for more info!
Marantz CD5001 cd player , in great condition hardly used it and when I did it was used to drive my sennheiser hd600s which sounded great! Has a built in headphone preamp with input and volume control and features a Cirrus Logic 24-bit/192 kHz DAC. Comes with original box ( no remote ). Shipping is extra, thanks!
Brand new audio technic at125lc , great moving magnet line contact cartridge , never been used. I ordered the stylus NOS and mounted it on a at120e cartridge body ( same body as the at125lc ) and never used it. I accept Paypal, shipping included in price.
1 week old, used it a few hours , i've decided that I do not need it afterall, asking $105 plus shipping .  I have all the accessories and the box.
New Posts  All Forums: