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Hi,   Want to sell my Graham Slee Solo. Not sure which version it is but its about 4 years old, serial number 0131-386. Happy to provide pics if desired.   I'm in London and prefer local pickup but will ship UK wide.   Thanks,   Andrew
Hi,   Want to sell my Little Dot MV IV. I'm not sure if its the SE version or not - if anyone knows how to tell be happy to let you know. Also happy to provide pics if there is interest.   I'm in London and I'd prefer local pickup, but happy to ship UK wide.   Thanks!   Andrew
Hi,   I want to try using my mk iv as a pre-amp. I would be using it with this integrated amp doing power amp functions:   Unfortunately there is not much info available about this amp, so I can't find out if it is DC coupled. Any ideas how I could tell? And am I right in thinking that if it is dc coupled I cannot use my little dot with it?   Thanks
Thanks for your suggestion. I'll get some of them. Any signal tube recommendations that would have softer treble than the rca black plates I am currently using? Thanks.
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I have what I think are the stock tubes that came with the amp (bought this second hand), and a pair of rca black plate 5654s that came with it. I cant hear much difference between these two when it comes to the ultra-highs. Keep changing my mind on which is harsher.
Hi guys,   I have a mk iv driving HD600s. I love the sound of the HD600s on all frequencies apart from the very top end. I find the ultra-highs to be a bit intrusive and harsh, making hi-hats and certain cymbal blasts too piercing and prominent. Any tube recommendations to take the edge off these ultra-highs without sacrificing the rest of the treble? I don't want to make the HD600s any more laid back in the upper mids, lower treble because I think they sound perfect...
So I was just reading this thread because I have always wondered about the cable debate. You guys seem to be talking about capacitance and inductance, and whether that has any effect. I'm not sure about that, but it seems to be that impedance would effect frequency response anyway. I studied physics at uni but its been a while. I've been trying to remember what I used to know to think about how impedance would effect frequency response. Here is what I got:   So, when...
Hi,   Excellent condition HD600s with box. I'm curious to hear what the HD650s sound like - unfortunately I don't have the cash to keep both at once, so I'm looking to trade with anyone who has the HD650s and would like to swap for a pair of HD600s.   I'm in the UK - ideally, I'd rather do swap in person in London, but I am happy to post elsewhere in the UK.   Thanks,   Andrew
Hi there,   Just wanted to ask. Is the Little Dot IV (not se version) a good match for HD600? Would it also be good for Grados? (I have a custom woodied pair).   I am thinking about buying a second hand one for £150. Is that a good deal? And is there much of a difference between the regular and the SE version?   Thanks for the help!
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