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I demoed the MDR-1000X and QC35 again today and ended up with the QC35. The SONY sounded better and the ANC is also more effective. However, for my needs the QC35 is adequate when it comes to SQ and ANC. I just like the design, comfort and simplicity more. Plus the MDR-1000X is more expensive than the QC35 here in Denmark. I got a pretty good deal on the QC35. Paid $350. Retail is $450 for the QC35 and $475 for the MDR-1000X.
Maybe a little OT but could the ANC be updated/tweaked through firmware maybe? I know Bose have sent out firmware updates for the QC35. Unfortunately, there are no change logs. I just don't understand why B&O haven't learned anything from the H8 which had pretty poor ANC compared to the competition.
They look quite huge and beefy. And if the ANC is far to behind the MDR-1000X or even the QC35 then these are out of the picture for me. Are they even supplied with a hard case?
Seems like the MDR-1000X is sold out everywhere here in Denmark. Either that or SONY has pulled them back to correct some of the mentioned issues(?) Maybe every vendor had a low stock to begin with but that is unlikely, no?
Anyone else thinks that the beige colored MDR-1000X is quite cool? Well, haven't seen the beige in person but they look very cool judging by the pictures I've seen.
Can you try and describe the sound. Does the "thump" sound mechanical or do you think it's caused by the electronics?
I actually tried the QC35 and MDR-1000X again today for 20-30 min. The QC35 must have been low on battery or something the last time I tried them because today they sounded much better. The low end wasn't distorting no matter how many bass-heavy tracks I threw at them. The 1000X also have good low end response. I actually preferred the QC35 today at low to medium volume than the 1000X. It sounds like the QC35 amplifies/equalizes the low end when turning down the volume -...
December will be quite interesting. B&O (Bang & Olufsen) just announced a new headphone - BeoPlay H9, around ear. Looks sexy but also quite beefy. I just love that they use real lambskin leather instead of PU and use metal instead of plastic. 14 hours of operating time on a single charge is quite low though. Hopefully the battery is replaceable like on the H7 (and H8?). The Danish retail price is just quite ridiculous though. USD 540. Ouch!
Just had a quick listen to the 1000X and the QC35 at the store. Didn't have enough time to test them thoroughly so it was done very quickly - same goes for all the features both headphones posses. Both headphones were very comfortable to wear and maybe QC35 was slighty ahead in this area. That Alcantara headband is just so comfortable and the cups are also slightly softer. It's also a big plus in my book that you can replace the leather pads on the cups on the QC35. I...
A lot of useful information here - as usual. Thanks guys. I got a (weird?) question though. One thing that bothers me with the MDR-1000X and PCX 550 is the use of faux leather on the headband. I have a bad experience with my JVC RX900 where the headband started cracking after a couple of years due to being in contact with my oily scalp. I would be devastated if that should happen to my 1000X. At least Bose uses alcantara on the QC35.
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