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I just accidentally stumbled on them at Trustedreviews. They gave them 10/10.   How do they compare to GR07? Or the EQ5?
I just tried to set my E7's volume to "1" and turned the volume on MPlayerX to "100%". Sound is very VERY badly distorted. So it's definitely not the amp.   This is getting quite odd. Something to do with Apple's audio interface? 
Clipping the amp is highly unlikely at the volumes I listen to. The MS1is are easy to drive and the amp's volume is always between 12-16 (it goes to 60).  
Will I get bit-perfect if the volume is reduced in the software that is used?
Hi!   Not sure if this is the proper section for my thread. Feel free to move it if it isn't.   My problem is that the sound coming from my FiiO E7 sounds very distorted - especially with bass heavy music - even with EQ turned off.   I just got a new iMac (21.5" model), and I've hooked my E7 to it via USB. My Headphone & IEM are Grado/Alessandro MS1i and Vsonic GR07.   I use Clementine and MPlayerX as media players. Mostly Clementine for music. Only...
  I want to know how the foam tips from JAYS can be used on the GR07 without doing something drastically. I have 3 pairs from my previous D-Jays and they don't fit - at all. The nozzle on GR07 is way too big and long.
Just received my GR07 from FrogBeats. Excellent service!   I haven't really played with the pair yet but first hand impressions are good. The last pair of dynamic drivers I had were the E2c. My current IEM (GR07 excluded) is the PL-50 (prior to that D-Jays), which does it great by the way, but the GR07 seems to be a different beast - especially when it comes to bass! I reckon it'll only get better as I've only run the GR07 for about an hour. I'm certainly sure that...
When you guys say "real Hybrids", are you comparing them with the "fake Hybrids"? I've ordered the GR07 through Frogbeats and looking at the pictures it seems some sort of Hybrids are included.
Seems to me that the "new" GR07 ships with various tips, including Sony hybrids. Or are they just imitations? Also will my Clip and Clix 2 be able to power the GR07 or do I need to carry my E7 with me?
Will olive tips fit GR07? If not, then which foam tips will?
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