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It is a tube amp. People may say 'it's not a tubey sounding amp'. That is just a word to describe equipments sound charasterictics.
I will try a sylvania 12au7 than. Looks like cheap and decent tubes for this amp. 
Well last night I tought it was a burn-in issue. But obviously not. My Bravo audio v2 gains music volume indeed. But with a crappy presentation. Transparency and sound stage doesn't mean anything with this product. I listen much more good equipment so probably I am not so forgiveness to this. But truth is truth. My emu 202 headphone out has less power but better quality than this. Is there any chance to make it listenable with tube rolling?
Deleted. (It's just so early to judge this amp)
I am not sure but I guess C2 has acss connection, c2-c has not. 
Audio-gd sparrow amp/dac could fit for that situation. Basic version even cost less than his price range.
Please add some comments when shipment arrived. 
Dac bypass seems like no problem with acss gain module. However, using headphone out instead of rca outs could make some negative difference (even somebodies say not) And off course don't forget the smaller transformer.
Dac only with lower price and m-stage could be wonderful.
No, I don't. Just wanted to say my opinion. These are all toughs off course.
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