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I ordered a dac19 dsp. It will be interesting to see that quality dac pair with this little amp. Later I will purchase a c2 off course, but Bravo will be on duty for some time. I believe it won't be a disappointment. 
I ordered dac19 last week and they didn't give me shipment info yet. They told about making some improvement on usb chip. I hope it won't take too long. Waiting is so boring.
What abaout dac19 dsp. Did we paid that price difference between dsp and df for nothing? If this one pair with df surpass over dsp and cost same, I will really sad. 
There is no any bias adjust switch in V2, am I wrong?
If you find a problem and push them for solving, thank you very much. We can get full stability then. Hope they'll find a proper solution soon. Usb is important for me. Because I have only onboard sound card for transporting coax and optical. 
DT880 is not a bad headphone I think. May be a little bit harsh and has some midbass humm but far away from calling weakest ring. Some people say 600ohm is even better. But stock cable is horrible indeed.
Same here. I just pulled the triger for dac19 dsp and they said shipment may delay for one week or ''hell, who knows''. Waiting is the most hard part after purchase.
Buying some good equipment to already had chain is not a silly action. I have a bravo amp and I pulled triger for a dac19dsp. Because I will buy a c2 soon or later. Than why am I waste my time with lower models and loose my money while buying and selling. Besides, good dac is always a good buy even feeding a pathetic amp. Good amp and pathetic dac is another story. 
Thanks for quick reply. Looks like this price range deserves dsp version. I have to sell something from my desk. 
I am really tempted by this combo. However my budget is pushing me Dac19DF version and C2. What is actual sound difference between dsp and df versions?  I don't need any dsp effect or switchable sampling rates. Just plug and play natural and balanced sound.
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