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That's correct. Probably they don't want to spend my patience any more.   It could be off course. I will try to change my settings tonight. But coax is better in every case I guess. Even optical is inferior compared to coax.   Btw burn-in changes this thing dramaticaly. I am using it PLL on right now. I will try to switch with better coax cable at weekend. 
I try PLL off with my k702 and it sounds more enjoyable for me than PLL on. PLL on mode like a dolby headphone plug-in with k702  and I don't really like too much this kind of effects while music listening. By the way my transport is a crappy onboard think. (These are very early impressions off course. Burn-in can change everything)
My dac19dsp finaly arrived. Sound is good via coax even with  my onboard soundcard's digital out. But usb looks like still have problems. Bad sound quality compared to coax and strange craking noise coming while playing 96khz tracks. I hope never dsp1 can solve this problems which they'll send me these days. 
Definitely. I can sing under this post.
I din't know that. Thanks for the information.
I had this e-mail today     Dear Kemal,     The DSP1 in DAC19DSP had upgrade the software to much well cooperation with the TE7022 USB chips. Do you think you can replace the DSP1 in DAC19DSP? The replacement is easy and without solder. If you can , we will send a new DSP1 to you, and after you replace, shipping back the old DSP1. Best Regards Edwin   It looks like Audio GD changed software on dsp1. And they made dsp1 replacable withouth soldering! (I...
There is also jitter on TCP/IP too. So, modems has their own buffers and correction algorithms. We can't notice that jitter because timing is not so important on data transfer. Also online sound streams has very low quality compared to hi-fi streams. But ethernet interface can still  a proper solution (Some professional equipment using it if I remember correctly)
Sound signature and detail, stage etc changing with tube rolling on Bravo. If that tube is for only decoration, how could be change and improve tube rolling? Beside, even a 5$ slyvania adds a decent quality to this little amp. It is'nt definitely the last word on budget amp class. But, not scum either. I can recommend it.
I had answers for my all e-mails soon or later. And believe me, I asked too much thing. If I was them, I could get completely mad and throw the money over to my face. They are very kindly and care about their customers, I guess.
I ordered July 1. Yesterday, they said it'll ship next week (they hope).
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