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May be this is already answered but I miss. How about NFB-10 ES compared to Dac 19 as dac section only. And how about Dac-amp performance over compared dac19 + C2 combo? I have dac19dsp already and planing to buy a C2 , but this beast confusing my mind.
I would like to know how it sounds compare to dac19+c2 combo with both single end and balanced way.
Congrats. I worked at ships over 10 years as a marine engineer and travel all around the world. It's very exciting life. Now, I am a land animal. I envy adventures lies ahead on your food 
I am using Bravo v2 right now with my k702 for saving some money to Audio-gd c2.  But I used better amps as you can see in my signature (Little dot, Canamp). K702 suits well with this hybrid desing. How ever, I prefer solid state. That's my taste off course. On the other hand, I didn't listen high quaility tube amp with K702 till now. May be I could like them too if I did.  
I am using it with k702. It's ok with nos tube. Not spectacular off course. If you don't listen k701 with better amp, you can be happy. Other way, you always feel there are something missing (sound stage, transparency, pin point imagining etc)
  Based on their website it will have new jitter reduction system. I don't remember any one recomended udac1 as a transport which only have 16/44 passthrough.  
I think the most interesting part of this new udac is coax out and jitter reduction system. A budget dijital transport with traveling amp/dac option would be good solution for higher dac owners.
New module working perfectly. There is no sound difference between new and old one via coax. But usb much better with the newest. And there is no problem with 96khz tracks. Still coax is better at extreme highs and lows. But if you don't have a good coax cable and/or transport you can live happy with usb now.
The new software updated DSP1 module has arrived. I am at work and can't try it yet. But, I notice there is jumpers instead of dip switch. I believe dip switch is far more usefull so I little dissapionted. On the other hand this is more sturdy solution. Dip switchs can breake but jumpers not.
I try stopband attenuation  settings today. And find -50db best fit for my system while PLL off. It looks like there was an impedance mismatching. I recommended this setting to who has a cheap crappy amp like my Bravo. 
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