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@Danutz  You can also use mediaplayer classic even with dolby headphone plug-in for movies. Audio-gd's with good headphone+dolby headphone has definately better surround images than cheap 5.1 systems.
@Dynobot My mistake, I wanted to ask comparasion between digital interfaces not transport or-and cdps. It's realy interesting to see a cdp can almost everytime beat digital interface+computer. I now there is a lot of artifical sounds and rf signals producing from a computer but a cdp has some moving parts too. And mass produced cdps not very optimised in this regard I guess. May be I sould try a budget vintage cdp some time. Thanks for the information about transports...
Is there a comparasion between digital transports? I had to be use my onboard sound card coax out with my dac19 dsp. And it was ok for me. Now I ordered NFB10ES(non usb) and thinking about better digital transport. Audio-gd's digital interface has good reputation here but I need something different. First of all it must be small, cheap and finaly have a compact headphone amp would be great for vacations. So I find that musiland things (monitor 01 and 02). What is the...
Unfortunately NFB10ES only avaible as non-usb version right now. And Roc chassis discount can't be avaible, so price gets higher. I won't change my order. Looks like I will in minority of WM version owners over here.    Edit: I changed my mind and give up usb support. I ordered ES version with new chassis price difference. Good things must buy one time.
I asked to Edwin about my NFB10WM pre-order could change as an ES version. If it would be avaible I will be happy because of that is my first choice instead of wolfson chip (which I read good thinks about it anyway)
-I asked for the price for nfb10wm and Edwin answered 780usd. -Then I point at roc chassis discount and price dropped 700. -Again I asked about pre-order discount as they mentioned in their website but Edwin said 'Sorry, we already made a huge discount. If we make more we have loss'.  -So I paid full price for a pre-order. There is indeed some miss understanding and confusion on their customer service. But their equipments are worth this pain I think.
NFB10 and other amp-dacs have linear power supply. Audio-gd's dedicated dacs and amps have class A.
I pulled the triger for NFB10wm one minute ago. I actualy prefer es version but it can't be avaible anymore. I hope this unit won't dissapoint me after dac19dsp which I sold for this purchase. Btw they said me this is a pre-order and they would'nt ship the unit before  February 15th. Waiting is the hardest part as always. 
How can we identify dsp unit's version?  I have dsp 1 with jumper which Kingwa sent me after dac19 shipment and I sent the old one to him.
@Omega17TheTrue   @haloxt   Thanks for replys.
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