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I just finished my k702 balanced mod. Thanks castigar. I never get brave enough for this operation if your guide does not exist. I melded existing mini xlr with soldering iron and it's easily leave it's place without harm around it. So there is no need to use brutal force if you don't care waste existing xlr jack. :)
Weird. I didn't notice that. New chassis does not have spikes! But spikes are so cheap anyway.
I would like to try gain button time by time (different songs, headphones etc.). That's my personal choice off course, some doesn't. And new chassis looks nicest compared to old one. If I will use it for years, that is important to me.
New chassis have gain buton on front side. This small details can make some serrious differences in long term use.  I am glad to ordered that ones too.
@melancholic   When did you order NFB-10ES USB with new chassis? They told me all new chassis NFB-10ES's are non USB.
@udailey   That was what I am currious about. I ordered version B and tought it may be something I miss over usb input. Thanks for comparasion between usb and coax inputs.
@udailey   I actualy try to ask coax input vs usb input in version A. My computer has coax out but I ordered version B. So is there any advantage using coax input (even from mainboard's sound card) compared to direct usb input? These are confusing my mind. There is a little price difference in both version, I know it. But my purse is already over discharged and every penny important now.
I pulled triger for Digital interface version B combine with my nfb-10es order. Is version A has only coaxial-in right? Is it have any advantage over usb on using computer with coax out?
@Danutz  You can also use mediaplayer classic even with dolby headphone plug-in for movies. Audio-gd's with good headphone+dolby headphone has definately better surround images than cheap 5.1 systems.
@Dynobot My mistake, I wanted to ask comparasion between digital interfaces not transport or-and cdps. It's realy interesting to see a cdp can almost everytime beat digital interface+computer. I now there is a lot of artifical sounds and rf signals producing from a computer but a cdp has some moving parts too. And mass produced cdps not very optimised in this regard I guess. May be I sould try a budget vintage cdp some time. Thanks for the information about transports...
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