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Quote: Originally Posted by florin For those in Europe I got the Audeos from this place. I payed 99€ + 25€ shipping. You might get a better shipping price if you leave in Western Europe. It took them a while to get to me because they first told me they only take bank transfer, but I was finally able to pay using Paypal. Shipping was fast after paying. They sound great, but I had to use the silicon tips, I can't get a good seal with the...
Definately typical. Px100 is a dark phone like other Sennheisers.
Yes they are nice. However we are unlucky about order timing. This is 7th day of my order. No shipped yet.
Quote: Originally Posted by GreatDane Thanks for that link. I was able to use Paypal. My cost was $144.99 with (free) Priority shipping. Not bad. Now I wait. Nope. But be ready, order shipping takes too loong time. This is 5th day of mine. However there is no shipped info yet. Why I can't go to vacation this long.
I hope so. My order waiting for the end of christmas holiday. Patience ,patience, patience...
Quote: Originally Posted by chi2 This is the version with a built in microphone. The one without lists for USD 139. For me they can even keep up with Triple.Fi 10 Pro. I ordered without mic. version from same site. It's 140usd and no shipping cost. Thanks for all your advices. I will write my experiences when it's arrive.
I found this PHONAK AUDEO PERFECT FIT EARPHONES..NEW But price is a litle bit more than had been writen here. I can buy my friend's mint condition super-fi 5 pro with extra cable and tips same price. Is it realy good deal compared with super-fi ?
No that's not works for me. I don't know speak German. Besides they don't sell over country I gues. Phonak and that e-bay seller still doesn't respond. These are the worst trade companies I ever seen!
Quote: Originally Posted by Shauntell47 go see in the abi forum for a list of dealers who sell these... there are 2 of them, i think... I will checkout. Thanks.
Hi fellows I actualy interested this phone. But somebody could tell me how can I order this god damm phones via Phonak's page. That shopping page turns me back to the main page every time. I sent a message to customer service and they didn't give any answer yet. Is there any other online store selling Phonak Audeo PFE? I found an e-bay seller which is selling microphoned version. And he didn't answer about withouth microphone version either. Somebody must say to Phonak;...
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