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My digital interface doesn't work correct with foobar 2000 wasapi out at win7. Songs playing faster than it must be. Also Asio4all doesn't work at all. Is there some trick for these issues?
I have digital interface without tcxo upgrade but I will try upsample mods anyway. Actually bass quantity is not much important for me because I always prefer flatter sound. But I like detailed sharp bass and I hope it will improve as you mentioned somestranger26. Btw digital interface doesn't work via Asio4all and working false wasapi either. Is there a trick I missed?
My NFB10ES finally arrived. I am listening it via Foobar 2000 KS out > Digital Interface coax out > NFB10ES. It's been couple hours listening and this thing changed dramatically. At the begining I tought it's detailed but lifeless sound. Than it get shine after warming up. Pitch black background, detailed crisp highs. Not too much bass as I like it but still colder sound signature compared to my dac19dsp. Dac19's sound was definitely more analog like. But these are very...
Thanks for the informations. I will check coils tonight.
My digital interface came yesterday. Still,I haven't got my nfb10es. But I try to connect my di to my computer. There is a strange high frequency sound appeared from di. Something like dog whistle. Barely hearing but still there. Is this normal?
You are lucky. My DI came first. It's totaly useless withouth a dac. Weird, they shipped them same day and DI arrived but NFB10ES didn't show up even from customs of my country.  
@Baird Gow They shipped my my NFB10ES and DI in separate packages. Probably same to you. Did they give another tracking number?
  Answered to ualover but his/her message dissapear, so never mind.
  It's looks like this upgrade will effect all further NFB10's. If this upgrade makes NFB10ES's sound warmer, that's good for me. Because I will intend to use it with my balanced k702. Btw they didn't left me to wait 15 days. They sent equipment last Friday.
I received an e-mail from Edwin today. He says TXCO will upgrade in NFB10 and if I want that upgrade, shipment will delay 15 days. Othervise they can send me immidately. I agreed that delay. Actualy I don't have any idea TXCO in NFB10. I heard that kind of upgrade for digital interface but obviously NFB10 does too. 
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