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Same result here. I already using DI without upsampling but when I took out clock sound get more transparent and hard passages (eg many instruments playing different partitions at same time) get more clear. I am using it with nfb10es btw.  
Power cords and conditioning is not a legend. Some of them are ridiculuosly expensive and probably they don't deserve. But a good power cord makes a change against stock one. This effect seen on different levels based on your house's cables. Some body hears no difference while some body hears a lot differences. 
I am interested I never use a Turbine earphone but I am using monster cables and power conditioners. My main rig is Audio-gd digital interface> Audio-gd NFB10> Akg K702 Balanced. Portable rig is Creatie X-FI > Fio E5> Phonak PFE
Looks like many user using nfb10 with low gain and below 12:00. Weird beacuse I am using it with my k702 single end at 1:00pm with high gain. I am pretty sure my ears are good because it's cecking periodically in my bussiness place. My unit is not burned yet, is that effect volume that much?
Leaving upsampling jumper off and 96khz on, is there any difference from default setting (all jumpers off) ?
It would be great if some one post recommended settings for both computer and digital interface (upsamling rates, foobar wasapi out bit rate etc.)
  My be it's placebo but I always feelt asio4all more stable than wasapi.
Lowering buffer works for wasapi. Infact I lowered it below 100 and latency at the begining of the songs dissapeared. Still asio4all doesn't working but not a big deal, wasapi just fine.
My unit hasn't rubber feet either.
Thanks borrego. I will try it.
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