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Is this still available?
I am not following new products. Nfb 28 looks 750USD withouth shipping. Besides more functionality and same chip doesn't mean better or equal sound quality, but I don't know actualy. May be it is better solution for some buyers. This is my price, so there is no typo.
It's the first NFB10 model with Sabre 32bit Dac chip. Excellent dac/amp with fully balanced desing. Mint condition and will send with original packaging. It has not usb input, so you have to use it with digital interface (also avaible for trade if you desire both) or optical/coaxiel connection. 750USD with paypal fee and shipment with tracking.
I bought a ck10 last week. It's interesting to see how much important to fit these phones correctly. My ex earphone was Phonak Pfe and it was almost impossible to fit them wrong. But ck10 is a different beast. I finaly get correct fit with pfe large tips suprisingly because I never could put them into my ears with pfe. It looks like ck10's housing and bore desing changing things some how. My brain is still burning for this new sound signature but I can say, I enjoyed it...
Is this still avaible for sale?
Thanks for the quick reply @nickp   Is tf10 a power hungry earphone? Because android phones are not power beasts as you can imagine. I read ck10's are very efficient phones in this situation but tf10?
Hi. I have two course right now. One of my friend selling his 2 weeks old  AT ck10 phones and another is selling tf10 bellow 100  bucks compared to ck10's. I used phonak pfe before and love it. And my main rig is Audio-GD NFB10 + AKG K702 balanced with mogami cable. You can imagine I like natural, open and balanced sound. Midbass hump is a torture for me. But I will actualy use this iem for daily trip to my job by an android phone (don't burn me please). The point is,...
Same result here. I already using DI without upsampling but when I took out clock sound get more transparent and hard passages (eg many instruments playing different partitions at same time) get more clear. I am using it with nfb10es btw.  
Power cords and conditioning is not a legend. Some of them are ridiculuosly expensive and probably they don't deserve. But a good power cord makes a change against stock one. This effect seen on different levels based on your house's cables. Some body hears no difference while some body hears a lot differences. 
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