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it's me: I don't like mush after breakfast
not really, because I love contemporary music, and can barely stand late romantic music :-) I read about this web site on the NYT today. Takes a bit of patience to navigate, but once you get your stream started, seems to be stable, and in good quality audio/video   BTW there is a lot more classical music streaming on demand on the related Arte TV web site, e.g. this star-studded Julius Caesar
I am not sure what you mean by raw talent, but I would argue that modern performers have, on average, an even better technique than the giants of the past. Recordings are both their weapon (since they can learn to play Rachmaninoff the way Rachmaninoff played it), and their curse: it took Pau Casals guts and genius to record the first performance of Bach Cello Suites. Today it takes even more guts and genius to record a set of Cello Suites that elicits more than polite...
I could not live without crossfed! Big fan of Meier amps because of that
I can't. I guess I am lucky enough that I start hearing the "paper box" effect you are allude to only at 128kbps or below. I can only hear differences between 192k and lossless if I stop listening to the music and focus on small details. This said, occasionally when I listen to spotify (320k ogg) for more than one hour or two at a time, I do feel a bit of aural fatigue which I imagine may come from digitization effects (or fperhaps from the crappy music I have sampled...)
the 1981 is the first cycle with DG and Harada as first violin   and this is the second cycle with Peter Oundian (sp?) as first violin   The first is my favourite Bartok cycle, the second... isn't
I do not own the old Tokyo Beethoven set but I have listened to excerpts on spotify and I thought it was edgy and precise. Kind of like their first Bartok cycle. What worked wonderfully with Bartok may not be as successful with Beethoven, particularly in the early and middle quartets. The new cycle is very different: the early quartets might as well have been played by Vegh Quartet, and the Razumovsky are on their way to replace Quartetto Italiano as my favourite. I am...
yes, something about the thread derailing. But it's back on track...
+1 (welcome back @Tyson!)Great presence and detail help appreciate Tokyo stilish playing. The Razumovskys alone are worth the $25-30 this set sells for ($3/SACD! Good times to be a record collector...)
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