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Unlike many, apparently, I started listening to classical mainly via chamber music (I wore out the vinyl of Gould's Bach Goldberg of course, and Michelangeli's Chopin Mazurkas) and only later started to appreciate big band stuff...   Some of my favorites I have not seen mentioned in the last 70+ posts are: 0) Bach Musical Offer (Savall/Hantai, there are no words to praise enough this recording)  1) Bach Violin Sonatas and Partitas (hard to chose one performance,...
these are very interesting comparisons. You are one of the first to describe the 105 head-amp as top-shelf. In which way is the Concerto (which I know so I can take a reference point) in a class below? 
I haI like Carmignola with Abbado/Orchestra Mozart. Compared to Fischer is a more energetic performance, both musically and from the recording standpoint. It is miked very closely, as many DGG/Arkiv recordings, so may not be ideal with headphones.  
$20K for an amp!  I am sorry to troll, but this hobby is getting stupid: only five years ago no one would have considered a $500 HE500 "good value" (I know, it is good value). 
One suite, maximum two, is the limit of my attention span. That's the problem with Bach music (which I love): it is hard work!
I started listening to the 3rd(!) recording of the Cello Suites by Wispelwey. Suite #1 is even more extreme than in the 2nd cycle you recommended. The guy obviously likes to epater les bourgeois!
one should be careful with using the word "definitive" (even if tempered by "in my opinion") for a sacred cow like the Cello Suites, unless they are trying to start a heated discussion... Having only heard Suite No 1 so far, I would say that Wispelwey is trying too hard, waaay too hard, to sound different from the other 666 recordings of the Suites. He does manage to do that, but in the process he takes takes so many liberties with the phrasing of the music that it almost...
that is a great list. Since the OP apparently lives in the UK they should be able to get the Diamonds for 100 pounds or less, which is a steal...Amp-wise I would also consider the NAD D 3020  "digital amp" which may be very convenient if your music lives in your iPod and computers.
I'll ask my better half if I can borrow her 25-1
don't worry, the line in front of mosesed96 table will be hard to miss :-) 
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