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for sale is my two years old Denon DP300F in 8/10 conditions. Dust cover is new, very low hours on the original cartridge. I will include a paper protractor for cartridge alignment, all the original accessories and manuals, packing material etc.   I am asking $125 plus actual shipping costs and paypal fees.   I would very much prefer not to trust my beloved TT in the incapable hands of UPS/FedEx, so I will offer a $15 discount for local (SF East Bay) pickup. 
my apologies for having confused you :-) Let's make sure we are using the word "transparent" in the same way. What I mean by transparent is "not there", "easy to forget about". I agree with those saying that the Elear and the HD600 have a very similar timbre on the warm side of neutral. I wish I had brought my HD600 at the meet to a/b it with the Focals. Out of memory I'd say that the Elear is clearly faster, punchier, and does not have any treble roll-off. Hence is more...
I am not sure that "realness", and "clean" are the most prominent attributes of the Utopia. To my ears it lacks ultimate transparency. I must have listened to the Utopia for over one hour on Saturday. Still, every time I switched back to the Utopia I would be impressed - but  distracted - by its beautiful sound signature. If transparency is what you are after the Elear or the open Ether Flow (to mention two headphones I spent some time with on Saturday) may be better choices.
 I would really like to congratulate third_eye and the rest of the organizing team for striking the perfect balance between a well-organized audio show and a wonderfully chaotic meet of headphone geeks.   Walking into the Wikia headquarters (thanks for hosting!), we were treated to the A&K/Cavalli/Focal/Kimber Cable/Mr Speakers demo room. It was busy, but relatively quiet at all times. I must have spent a total of 90' in there listening to the Focals, the open Ether...
 not unless they are defective, in which case you should return the headphone. The only "mainstream" headphones wrto which you may find the T1 lacking in detail and soundstage are the HD800. Forget the pink noise, if your drivers are brand new, let some bass-heavy music play on a loop for a day or two. It won't add any to soundstage but should loosen up the drivers a bit and improve bass detail.
looking forward to it! Count me in
 I have heard an earlier version of your amp with my T1 and thought it was a great pairing for the music I was listening to back then (mainly baroque and classical with period instruments). I have always found the T1 a bit soulless with rock/soul/R&B. Only after pairing them to the Cavalli LC I convinced myself the T1 can play everything as well or better than the HE500 does. The HE-6 is a superior headphone that is rather difficult to actually enjoy. Maybe the Grace has...
as a long-term fan of all three headphones, I am not sure either the T1 or the HE-6 would be an upgrade given the character of Grace Design amps. What music do you listen to?
I have posted earlier in this thread about the Cavalli Liquid Carbon as a SS amp for the T1. I doubt you can find a significantly better sounding combination below $2000.  The thing I like best about the T1, particularly when driven by the LC, is that you can play anything "from Beethoven to Jay-z" to quote my favourite review of the T1 and it will sound just right. Not "great", not "wow!", just right.
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