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good to see you back guys, looking forward to be your customer once again!
I am sure you know that most master blenders dilute whisky down to 20% proof when crafting their malts. Too much (alcohol, detail) is not always a good thing.
that's a great tip, I had never heard of the guy, I confess. I ordered the LPs on amazon. Luckily there seems to be plenty of them going around on the used market
I know exactly what you mean, the HE500 is an extremely engaging and musical headphone. I have not yet done any real A/B comparison with the HE500, but extension, imaging, transparency, and dynamics of the HE1K are in an entirely different category. If you are listening to a well recorded symphony there is no comparison really.But...  when listening to music with a relatively simple structure and lots of energy (say RATM Take the Power back) the HE500 more than hold their...
+2. My favourites for the late sonatas are  Kempff, Annie Fischer, and Pollini in no particular order. Edit: to clarify I like also Edwin Fischer late sonatas, but Annie Fischer (and her recording engineer?) made her piano breathe like a living thing. Her Opus 111 Arietta is particularly mesmerizing
not even this one?
this is selling for ~$8 on amazon! Could not resist either, in spite of several reviewers mentioning the bluray disc does not work on many players. On the @bigshot issue,  Iast week I PM-ed a moderator asking for a reprieve. Unfortunately there will be none. Also, while we are not allowed to discuss details, let me just say that the decision to ban @bigshot was not sudden, nor arbitrary.
we should not derail this thread, but there is a big difference between forgiving and musical: LCD2 is forgiving and (often) musical, HE1K is musical but not forgiving. HD800 is neither...
 at issue here is what you define "TOTL": if you are a true-blue audiophile TOTL is probably a modded HD800 attached to a monster SS amp that allows you to hear a fly buzzing in a concert hall. You don't care if that setup would give you a splitting headache if you tried to listen to, say, "Sgt Pepper" CD for more than 10', because you only listen to well-recorded music at the highest possible resolution.  OTH, if you focus more on the music side of the hobby, TOTL is a...
 spoken (written?) like a true audiophile.
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