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Price drop!
Up for sale is a Benchmark DAC1 Pre. This is the unit with USB and an analog input, but no remote control. Unit is in excellent condition, 9/10. I am the original owner, I purchased the unit new in 2009 and have been using it in my pet-free, smoke-free home ever since.   It really is a great DAC, but I found that I was only using it for MP3s and Rhapsody...a job for which the DAC1 is really more than I need, so up it goes.   Asking $1200 + shipping and Paypal...
Jim Anderson does great work, much of it for major labels. He works almost entirely with jazz artists tho, whose recordings generally haven't suffered from the loudness wars as much as pop albums have. Jim was just made president of the AES late last year, so hopefully can bring some change to the industry.
Quote: Originally Posted by Scrith I think a much easier approach to this jitter problem (rather than resampling to work around it) would be to create a buffer (perhaps 1 second worth of audio at the current playback rate) that contains not only the data but information (for each 16-bit audio data word) about the time since the previous piece of data was received. Isn't that how the Genesis Digital Lens worked?
I can't speak for the SA8001, but I got an SA8003 in for review earlier this week. At some point I'll schlep it over to my Benchmark-owning friend's house for a comparison, assuming he'll have me. So far the unit sounds quite nice, but any component can fool you for a week.
Jim Austin compared the SA8001 to the Benchmark in Stereophile last October: Quote: To my ears, the SA8001 (in "Red Book" mode) was every bit the equal of the Benchmark DAC-1 (using the SA8001 as a transport) ... In long-term listening I really had no preference; some days I preferred one of these sources, on other days another. I don't believe these differences were real.
Much depends on what headphones you are using. I compared The CD5001 headphone output to my Gilmore Lite...with Sennheisers HD-580s (high impedance, voltage hungry), they were about equal. With Grados (low impedance, current hungry), the Gilmore was noticeably better. If all I wanted to listen to were Sennheisers, I could easily live with the CD5001 alone. But this is Head-Fi...
Check out this thread. It has a list of worthy turntables available for under $100...a great resource as you wade through Craigslist/eBay listings!
Quote: Originally Posted by memepool Just by using the words "To test whether the sound improves upon that of a belt-drive unit" as opposed to "a Thorens TD125II" surely he is making exactly such a generalisation. I agree the phrase is poorly worded, but given the context I think it is you, rather than he, that is making the generalization. Quote: Originally Posted by memepool it is the most obvious reason why the Technics...
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