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Selling a Centrance Dacmini CX with the volume control option, In great condition and has barely been used.   Includes original power supply and a USB cable. Free shipping to USA mainland only. Asking $440.00 and I can accept Paypal.   There is a small (slight, not deep) scratch on the bottom of this item - only noticed when I was making sure it was clean.   Thanks for looking.
Sorry - posted in wrong forum.
Almost new pair of Ultrasone Edition 8's Ruthenium. Wonderful sounding headphones. These have only been used a few times and are in excellent condition and include the original box and leather bag.   Only selling as I need the funds more than the phones.   They sell for $1300 on Amazon so I am asking $850 shipped to US mainland only. I will cover Paypal charges.
Sale Pending  
Selling my portable rig as I need the funds - includes the following - AlgoRhythm Solo & Rx Mk2 amp Apple Ipod Touch 64Gb AlgoRhythm Solo Interconnect Cable Combo Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo Amp Bag All are in as new condition and hardly used. Original boxes also included for ALO DAC and amp. This lot would now cost over $1600. I am asking $1250 FIRM. to include Paypal charges and shipping to mainland US only. I do not want to split up this combo as it...
I'll take it and use Paypal - let me know your Paypal email address
I'm interested after Boodi Please let us know a price Thanks Paul
It looks like any other Tomahawk. I'll try and get a pic up in the next day or so. Paul
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