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Plugging the headphone output of your laptop into your amp is probably not gonna be a good thing long term. As its not a line-level out, you'll have to play around with the volume setting & make sure not to drive an overly strong signal into your amp. Also, notebook headphone jacks tend to be a little on the noisy side...some are pretty good, but it's hit or miss for sure. Any noise present coming out of the jack will get amplified by your headfive...not a good thing. ...
Yeah, there's something strange going on here... Even with the new tone files posted, I can clearly hear the 20KHz samples, but with NCH Tone Generator I can barely detect anything over 16.5KHz. Peace, Graz
Not sure if this qualifies, but I've been really enjoying Jazzanova - In Between. Some great grooves. Peace, Graz
Quote: Originally Posted by antiant i love brazilian music, i also LOVE cibelle (got her new album too "the shine of dried electric leaves")...bossacucanova is good too, you should check out their album "Uma Batida Diferente" (translation: a different beat)...it's jazzy, downtempo, chilled and of course some bossanova...also bebel of course, but also try the other gilberto's, jobim, etc there is also cateano veloso, rita lee, apollo nove (apoll 9 he...
Quote: Originally Posted by Samgotit There is a poster who has run amok. If the offending poster continues to post at the same rate he does now, for the next week or so, he will wear the skin off the tips of his fingers exposing 8 out of 10 of his distal phalanxes. I suspect he would continue to post anyway, wearing through his middle phalanxes, and finally his proximal phalanxes, leaving him with a stump. I can imagine he would then use a chopstick...
I've always had a love for bossanova and the Brazilian sound in general. I find few things in the music world as beautiful as the Portuguese language sung well. Lately I've been making a few blind purchases. Here are some that I've enjoyed so far: Bebel Gilberto - Tanto Tempo & self-titled ... Tanto Tempo I like more...nothing ground breaking or anything, but she has a lovely sounding voice...smooth, sultry, seductive. If you've not heard any good, recent...
Resurrect on old thread here... Any other good lounge out there worth trying? I've tried: Jazzanova Thievery corp Some of the Om Lounge stuff ...and some others with hit or miss success I've been basically buying blind though...any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Peace, Graz
Quote: Originally Posted by Snake What can I say? I eat a lot of Chinese take out Mmmm... "Cat, the other white meat.."
Cuteness: Peace, Graz
From the pics, it looks like a nicely laid out amp, but the volume control looks fairly low-end/low quality. Peace, Graz
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