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Giant is a good recommendation. I've had two of them..the first was stolen , and I'm currently riding an NRS3. They're well built bikes, imo (made right here in Taiwan ). Peace, Graz
And then there's the ol' plural possessive in: "My HD580s' left ear cup has cat whiz on it." Peace, Graz
I think both are correct & acceptable...or at least, neither would sound "wrong" to a native English speaker. I've always gone with the notion that, since they're referred to as "headphones", they're plural by default. Peace, Graz
- For sure the e-mu 1212m is a fine sound card. Hard to go wrong there. - Not sure about the harmon/kardon...I assume it's an a/v receiver & you're running out of the headphone jack from that? Some a/v receivers have good headphone outputs, some do not...hard to form an opinion or give advice, but in general a dedicated headphone amp will be superior. - What is a Senn hd575? Edit: OK, found a link on the 575's...I have no experience with them. If you're thinking...
I have an original Coda that I'd like to put the best possible module into, battery life be damned. I'd even consider gutting it out of the case it came in & DIY'ing something a little larger if that would buy me the ability to go with a more extreme module ... Can someone point me in the right direction here? Peace, Graz
All 32...the full rack + 4 straight wisdom teeth...and I've never had a cavity or filling of any kind ever, both for my baby & adult teeth. I think the poll might be whacked though...I'd be surprised if that many folks really do have all their teeth, plus all 4 wisdom teeth. I think folks aren't really counting... Peace, Graz
Where's edwood with that thread locker stuff? Peace, Graz
For UK 400 (USD $730+), you've got a ton of good bikes in your price range. Hardtail is a smart choice from a reliability standpoint (especially at the lower price points), and aluminum frame is a given. But with that kind of budget, there are some very fine full-suspension bikes worth considering...I wouldn't eliminate full-suspension altogether. Check out for a nice assortment of bikes with user reviews. Peace, Graz
I've been carless for 3 1/2 years now since I moved to Taiwan. I do very much miss driving, but I don't miss any of the other stuff (car payment, car insurance, fuel costs, maintenance, etc.)... Edit: Forgot to say...Congrats on the new car Peace, Graz
Quote: Originally Posted by Thaddy Thaddy FTW. Post of the week. Peace, Graz
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