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Never heard the woo3, but I can say that I'm loving The Raptor in my rig & especially with hd650. But does it sound $700 better than the woo3? I guess that's the $700 question. Imo, the Raptor is a more attractive piece of hardware, and there's the Ray Samuels service & support factor...but the sound is ultimately where it's at. Any chance you could buy both, compare & then return one of them? And then write us a nice comparo review? Peace, Graz
Went out for dinner last night at a Russian restaurant. They had a man/woman couple performing Russian tunes in the dining area...the man was playing accordion & the woman was singing, shaking a tambourine, and keeping time with foot stomps, etc. Instead of performing in one spot, or continuously roaming the dining area, they were basically performing a full tune at each table. I have to say it about ruined the dining experience for me. Every 20 minutes or so,...
If you have any way to plug the headphone output jack from your IBM into your stereo/receiver/powered PC speakers, that would be a good test ahead of actually receiving the headfive. Make the connections, set a good level on the IBM, and then crank up the speakers with no music playing & check for noise. It's also a good idea to put the IBM through some typical usage during the experiment. The audio output may sound clean & noise free at idle (sitting there doing...
Ya know how when there's a dinner party...and after dinner the adults all gather in the living room or out on the porch to talk...and then the kids come around, and it's funny for a while and they talk and ask a lot of silly kid questions and act out a little and show off, and everyone laughs a bit and it's actually cute for a while? And then it gets to be a little too much...the kids are dominating the moment and the rest of the gathering isn't really laughing any more...
Kitten huffing? Oh my! Peace, Graz
One can't help but wonder what took 'em so long ... hard to imagine that any single community on earth (online or otherwise) has contributed to more Senn sales than Head-Fi. Jude, congrats on another great sponsor. May your cup runneth over! Peace, Graz
Quote: Originally Posted by JaGWiRE ...and I really didn't realise this whole headphone supremesus thing (didn't even know what people were talking about till I saw it after 1500 posts.) This one is a little hard to believe. Peace, Graz
Quote: Originally Posted by raymondlin that's wrong, it should be "My HD580's left ear cup" as you are refering to yours, a single HD580. Dang, I think you're bad. Peace, Graz
Giant is a good recommendation. I've had two of them..the first was stolen , and I'm currently riding an NRS3. They're well built bikes, imo (made right here in Taiwan ). Peace, Graz
And then there's the ol' plural possessive in: "My HD580s' left ear cup has cat whiz on it." Peace, Graz
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