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http://www.osimcanada.ca/qs/category/24/1794/0/0 Peace, Graz
We need to sticky a thread with all the "farewells" and "i'm finally finished buying headphone gear" thread starters (i'd be in there too ). Peace, Graz
I can only imagine the intestinal distress that follows a binge of this magnitude. I have to wonder if its worth it. And how does one train for such gluttony? Peace, Graz
I'm interested in the new one, still in the box. YGPM. Peace, Graz
I can't help but wonder if it's all staged for entertainment purposes... If it IS, then this guy's really a good sport for going along with it all... If it ISN'T... Peace, Graz
wow, I clicked on this thread & started reading through from page 1 & I was like, "who are these guys??" Anyway... beyer dt770: flatulent Peace, Graz
Quote: Originally Posted by DJ Mauler but no ive havent heard of anything that allows you to stream there content legally or Ilegally www.mlb.com streams every game for a fee. You can pay one flat fee up front and get every game for every team for the entire season. I can watch any game either live or delayed. I wish they had something comparable for NFL & NBA...sports are the thing I miss the most living overseas. Peace, Graz
I wrote a post almost exactly like yours about a year ago. Here's a brief list of things I've bought since then: - The Raptor - Alessandro MS2i & mailed it off for the full headphile treatment (and then sold them ) - Overture/Coda combo - Power supply for my Gilmore Lite - iriver ihp-140 (because the 120 just wasn't good enough, now was it?) - iPod Nano - Senn cx300 - ...and today just ordered a pair of akg k81dj's ($69 w/ free shipping on ebay...hell...
Never heard the woo3, but I can say that I'm loving The Raptor in my rig & especially with hd650. But does it sound $700 better than the woo3? I guess that's the $700 question. Imo, the Raptor is a more attractive piece of hardware, and there's the Ray Samuels service & support factor...but the sound is ultimately where it's at. Any chance you could buy both, compare & then return one of them? And then write us a nice comparo review? Peace, Graz
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