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I'm really interested to know if the GS-X imparts any "personality" on the sound. I want my next ss amp to be like a straight wire with gain & let the cans add the flavor. Peace, Graz
Well, after recently purchasing the akg's, I now have both the hd25-1 and the k81dj. I'm still burning in the k81's getting them ready for what's shaping up to be a pretty huge comparison review between these two cans (look for something next week...I want to give the k81's at least 100 hours before I jump into serious sq comparisons). I do have a bunch of stuff written out already, but at this point its just some preface stuff and notes about... Peace, Graz
We need to sticky a thread with all the "farewells" and "i'm finally finished buying headphone gear" thread starters (i'd be in there too ). Peace, Graz
I can only imagine the intestinal distress that follows a binge of this magnitude. I have to wonder if its worth it. And how does one train for such gluttony? Peace, Graz
I'm interested in the new one, still in the box. YGPM. Peace, Graz
Quote: I have an original Coda that I'd like to put the best possible module into, battery life be damned. I'd even consider gutting it out of the case it came in & DIY'ing something a little larger if that would buy me the ability to go with a more extreme module ... Can someone point me in the right direction here? Peace, Graz Quote: Originally Posted by Tyll Hertsens Hi Graz, I've got a Home module in my Coda and it sounds...
I can't help but wonder if it's all staged for entertainment purposes... If it IS, then this guy's really a good sport for going along with it all... If it ISN'T... Peace, Graz
wow, I clicked on this thread & started reading through from page 1 & I was like, "who are these guys??" Anyway... beyer dt770: flatulent Peace, Graz
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