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Quote: Originally Posted by shawntp I agree and think the Mets are in good shape for playoffs. I'm kinda scratching my head on that one... Seems like the Mets have kinda sleepwalked through September, and have dropped 7 of their last 10. Losing Pedro for the playoffs doesn't seem like it kills them, but looking at the guys who've had the most starts on the team this year (Glavine, Trachsel, Hernandez, Martinez, Perez), the ERA is pretty...
Many times I'll see someone with poor personal hygiene that I'll intentionally try to avoid on the subway or the bus... But just the other day I was sitting on the subway & the thought occurred to me...I wonder who has sat in this exact seat before me today? So yea, now that I think about it, I think the thing that bothers me most is not knowing who/what has come into contact with things I'm forced to touch when I ride (grab handles, seats, etc.). I ALWAYS...
- Computer / Internet - Bicycle - Guitar(s) Peace, Graz
I'm not Asian, but I got here as soon as I could... I've been living in Taiwan for 3 1/2 years & I love it. Taiwanese are really great people & Taipei is a kickass city to live in. Peace, Graz
The guy on the left obviously cannot be German, because he's smiling...or is that a pain grimace Now the guy on the right...that actually IS what a German guy looks like when he's smiling. Peace, Graz
I find the photo utterly disturbing. The shirt the guy on the left is wearing... ...and the guy on the right...what gives with the arm/wrist angle & the way his fist is pushed up against his hip? I'm trying that here & it's just unnatural and painful. But all in all, it looks to me like a completely typical picture of two Euro/German dudes. Utterly dorky to the max. Peace, Graz
Quote: Originally Posted by PsychoZX It came in an antistatic bag and was wrapped in of sheet of bubble wrap. There was not even enough packing to prevent it from moving around inside the box. Interesting...was that a Western Digital drive? I've bought a few WD drives lately (from a couple of different local retailers...not mail order) and they were all packaged exactly that same way. It appears to me that this may be how they're packaged...
I'm guessing it's not a big deal for the frenchman since nothing has been scientifically proven one way or the other regarding the intrinsic significance of birthdays... Peace, Graz
500 took me over two years too... Don't worry...your pace is perfect. Peace, Graz
I'm really interested to know if the GS-X imparts any "personality" on the sound. I want my next ss amp to be like a straight wire with gain & let the cans add the flavor. Peace, Graz
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