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Quote: Originally Posted by GAD If I launched an apple at your head at 500 fps from a distance of say 30 yards (with proper trajectory of course), and did the same with an equal amount of liquid coffee, I'd bet you'd agree that the apple had more energy. Now if you froze the coffee before launching... GAD Yea...but if the coffee was scalding hot... Peace, Graz
Reminds me of the Adam Sandler movie "Click" where the annoying kid next door is bragging about the Bose sound system in his father's car & Sandler says something like: "What's that? Your father's car stereo Blows? Wow, I'm sorry to hear that" (and drives off). Awesome. Peace, Graz
I was in a very similar situation a few years back and decided to go electric. I knew that acoustic was a better learning platform, but I rationalized that the extra fun in playing around with amplification and sounds would help me retain interest in playing...I'd say it has definitely helped. Electric action is much lighter, so it's "easier" to play. Going from acoustic to electric, the electric action feels like greased lightning. Going the other direction can be a...
trose49... here's something to tide you over while you wait for your Raptor... Just pretend it's silver ... Peace, Graz
Confused destinies of synthetic manifestations cloud the extinguished realities of obscure observations...but give me bit perfect over bit imperfect any day. Peace, Graz
I'd like to buy one of these as an upgrade project... Anyone have any experience with upgrades with any of the LD product line? Peace, Graz
From my experience, the 650's are a good match with an OTL tube design. What's your budget? Do you need to say in the GL-ish price range? Peace, Graz
Aaron, your persistence is admirable. If I could make a humble suggestion, you might want to consider letting this argument fade off into head-fi oblivion. You're clearly hearing some nice improvement sans adapter & with uber solder. My suggestion? Go with it. You've duly performed your head-fi duty by sharing this nugget of wisdom with us all m'man... Fact is, there are always gonna be some who refuse to be "enlightened"...but don't let it get under your...
wikipedia to the rescue: "The “Secure” in Secure Digital comes from the card’s origin. To create the SD card, Toshiba added encryption hardware to the already-existent MMC card, to calm music industry concerns that MMC cards would allow for easy piracy of music. (A similar scheme is the MagicGate standard used in Memory Sticks.) In theory, the encryption would allow some enforcement of Digital rights management[1]...
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