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Nice amp and nice pics... But I have to say, the solder quality actually looks rather poor. Several components are askew, and there's uncleaned flux everywhere. Obviously, it's hand-soldered, but I can't say that it's particularly well done...certainly not in line with the cost of this amp (not to mention the wait time to get one). One would think with the amount of time it takes to actually get one of these things that it would be a work of absolute perfection...
So much to consider... - Every amp has it's own distinctive flavor...few fall into that "transparent, straight-wire-with-gain" category (the HeadAmp line comes closest imo)... - You're using AT-SQ5 cans now...but if you're already looking at an amp, chances are, those cans aren't the end of your journey...your sound signature preference should be considered during the amp selection process - Do you want desktop or portable? - Do you want an amp with a built-in DAC...
Thanks for the input & suggestions...much appreciated. I'll give it a listen when the ue11's show up & see how it goes.
So, I just dropped the cash for some ue11's (ear impressions went in the mail yesterday)...should have 'em back in a couple weeks... The plan is to go: 5.5g imod-->SR-71 (which I already have)-->ue11 The question... ...is there any point in "upgrading" from the SR-71? The size reduction from SR-71 down to Predator or Tomahawk is really irrelevant to me... SQ-wise, is there any real point in going with either of these over the SR-71? Are the selectable gain...
Quote: Originally Posted by Sovkiller Portability is a bonus if you really need it, but honestly I will not take them out to any place with this price tag, if anybody knows what they are worth, you are history in NY!!!! But aren't customs all but worthless to anyone other than the person they were custom fitted to? I would think theft concerns are no more or less than with any other bit of portable hifi gear. I (respectfully) think your...
Quote: Originally Posted by Akathisia Sorry about the ew9's: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/1472525-post50.html Peace, Graz
Quote: Originally Posted by SBD yeah.. but how come they don't make a usb 2.0 version? the pocket dock is a straight pass-thru connector for the four conductors that make up the usb interface. as long as the devices on both ends support usb 2.0, the conductors between them don't matter (for all practical purposes). any labeling on a usb cable or adapter stating usb 2.0 compliance is marketing fluff. Peace, Graz
8gb nano-->pocket dock-->cardas-->sr-71-->um2 i like the pocket dock because it gives me usb access for synching & charging without having to disassemble the rig... more utilitarian than sexy i guess, but reasonably portable & sounds decent... Peace, Graz
Happy Birthday Ray... many happy returns & thanks for the great amps! Peace, Graz
I'm interested...but live in Taiwan. Any chance you'd consider shipping here (sorry, I know you said USA only). Peace, Graz
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