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I want to preface this by saying, I like ALO products. I've purchased one imod LOD, and am on the verge of purchasing another standard LOD for other uses. OK...so here it is (and this is just my personal opinion...others may disagree)... I hope I don't offend anyone, but I seriously don't like the ALO logo melted into the connector shroud on the ipod side. To me, it looks tacky and even cheap (again, this is just my opinion). On the LOD I purchased, the melt job...
Thank you so much for sharing your heart rending story! And let me just say: "Oh dear god no!" Did you have to wait a whole 3 working days to get shipping confirmation from UPS on the first shipment? Honestly, some people these days.
This combo works remarkably well: new nano --> sr71 --> ue11... Just sayin. Peace, Graz
Stephen King - Dark Tower part V
Quote: Originally Posted by wolfen68 Same here. Glad your enjoying your setup. It's almost like I'm hearing the SR-71 for the first time all over again...the ue11's are so intimate and revealing. I have new respect for this amp. Peace, Graz
Well, all my gear's in order now: http://www.head-fi.org/forums/f15/pi...ml#post4469027 ...and I gotta say, I don't know why I ever worried about this. The SR-71 drives the ue11's with no problems whatsoever...not having gain choices is a non-issue. The thing is spooky-dead-quiet with plenty of volume control flexibility. The only issue is the audio is still slightly audible with the knob turned all the way down...not really a big deal. That aside, I'll be sticking...
Some new gear...and really, this should just about do it. I mean it. I'm serious - ue11's just showed up last week - snagged a barely used 80gig 5.5g ipod on ebay...just finished the diymod and dropped in a new, higher capacity battery. - obligatory ALO imod dock cable Damn this rig sounds good ...and since this post is useless without pics:
Spanned across two 22" monitors (3360x1050 wallpaper)... Peace, Graz
Quote: Originally Posted by omendelovitz Back to soldering: uncleaned solder mask is highly common these days, I've seen that kind of quality on even high end electronic DACs, portable amps by manufacturers other than Larocco (I speak from experience). It's an unfortunate reality in electronic manufacture these days. The good news is that uncleaned solder mask should not affect SQ, and that poor solder joints are more likely a strength risk than a SQ...
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