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Sennheiser Momentum
Brand new JDS Labs C5D with new Apple Camera Connection Kit lightning to USB. Amp comes with JDS labs provided USB cable. Everything is in perfect condition.Reason for selling, I want to buy NAD HP50.price includes shipping to USA please add 3% for PayPal.
If these come in at 500.00. I'm in.
Oppo has just put all other planar headphone companies on notice.
Seenheiser Momentum. Not impressed at all. Dt1350 blows them away.
I can do 290.00 all in.
Yes. I can calculate shipping on your location.
I will take it.
Perfect condition Momentum Black edition. Less than one month old. Price is 250.00 plus 3% Paypal plus shipping. Final Price Drop
My HIFI-M8 Should be delivered in August. I will ship it to the buyer unopened brand new. 500.00 plus 3% Paypal, plus shipping costs. Price if ordered now is 699.00 from Centrance. I believe my price is fair, and is firm. Please see photos below, they will show the version you will be buying. 
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