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i own the 100ABN and have listened to the 1000X and would say the 100ABN has more bass. Having said that based on your additional concerns about call quality I would suggest the PXC550 as it is great in that area and also has a bit more bass emphasis. The only issue withe PXC550 is if you like to really crank the volume loud as they are not super loud.
purple is my favorite skittles color and I will guess that it is yours as well
the Z5 was initially released in Europe and NA but were pulled over a year ago from both regions. I bought my Z5 in a local store before Sony closed all their stores in Canada 2 Christmases ago.
A3 replaced the H3. They were similar but the A3 is supposed to be clearer sounding and more refined than the H3.
Pono plus Z5 simply kicks @$$. It is still the best sounding combination I have ever heard in an IEM.
The treble is a bit rounded on these so would probably not bother you. The ANC is excellent with no sense of pressure.
Finally received these and to be honest they offer no where near the ANC of Bose. So if anyone is looking for Bose ANC levels on the cheap these will not do the trick. I would say they are about 70% as effective in this regard. The signature out of the box is bass oriented but not bad. I will report back on the sound after a few days. My initial feeling is these are a bust but will report back if they start to grow on me.
if call quality and side tone are important to you I suggest checking out the Sennheiser PXC 550.
i recommend trying the PXC550 I use a pair on the train daily without this issue whereas my pair of 100ABN have the same issue your describing.
I use the 550 pretty much daily for work, commute, some home time, power walks. They definitely get more head time than anything else.
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