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Thanks for your replies. For safer side I have ordered E30 again.
Surprised that not even a single reply. feeling very SAD..
I just read some of the threads related to SoundMagic E50 and E80. unfortunately I didn't see any direct comparison between E30 and E50 & E80.
I am ready to buy E30 again, if no upgrade for similar price tag.. 
Hello All,   I am looking for IEM to replace/upgrade from SoundMagic E30(which is about to die). I liked E30 for its smooth, clear bass, enough treble and it never fatigue for Guitar riffs basically distortion sound. I also have MEE CC51(treble is good but it is not suited for Rock music) and A151(Mid is good but bass & treble is less), but I like the sound signature of E30 than others. please suggest me the IEM for similar price tag of above mentioned IEM list.   How...
I bought CC51black IEM in India and after 4 months the problem start in left side IEM and it become volume imbalance. Called the seller and asked for replacement, the seller doesn't have black colour version and he is ready to give me the white color which I am not interested.   Regarding this I have sent a mail to MEE customer service and asked for help.   Unfortunately they also doesn't have black version stock, then I have asked for A151 model. Mike from MEE...
Thanks for your information, I will contact the sellar now
My 4 months MEE CC51 having driver flex issue in left driver, whenever I hear kick drum sound it produces the noise and also it has volume imbalance. Can anybody help me to solve this issue or how can I contact MEE and send them back for replacement, it is possible to get MEE A151 instead of CC51.   Basically I didn't like V-shape sound signature and wrongly purchased this product.   I purchased this product from lynx-india online shopping. Currently this...
How this(M4) are compared to MEE CC51. I think these two are having similar sound signature V shape. Is it better than CC51?
Thanks for the suggestion.
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