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That's a good question, I hope someone who understands some of the technicalities between these two DAC's can jump in.
I'd agree with this. The Gun+Mjo combo with the LCD-2 is the sweet spot for me. I get a TON of detail out and energy out of the setup which is nice for the LCD-2 which has a dark-ish personality, especially when compared to it's nearest competitor the HD-800 without any of the grating and kind of uncomfortable transparency of the HD-800's. I think Gun+Mjo swings the LCD-2 from a dark headphone to a neutral headphone that lets the record speak for itself, whether it's some...
Do you honestly need that extra volume? I can understand if you have hearing damage but anything above 75% is freakishly loud on any of my cans with the 5S. I'm just trying to understand why someone would need to remove said cap.
 I returned my nexus 5 because the camera experience sucked for me (was great in low light though) and the audio sounded lifeless. Google/LG had to make some cuts to the cost of the device to hit that $350 price point, and I'm pretty sure high quality audio was on the chopping block, despite it's ability to play higher resolution files. FWIW, the consensus on the iPhone 5S (which I bought after returning the nexus 5) is that it's not as loud as the 4S (like a 4s turned...
 I wouldn't buy the mjolnir with the intent of using it as a balanced passive pre, it's primary job is to be a kickass headphone amplifier first, the fact it has balanced pre-outs is a bonus. It uses a high quality pot so I don't think you'd notice much difference. Just my two cents.
 Super jealous of this setup. How do you like the mini maggies and have you heard the full size maggies for comparison? 
FWIW, my balanced PYST cables were the Straight Wire Symphony II's. IMHO it's probably overkill since balanced IC's have such an advantage over RCA cables but like most everything from Schiit, it's a good value considering they're made in the US.
 That's good to know. I work in a noisy datacenter and I picked up a set of Bose QC20i out of convenience since it cuts out 90% of background noise and I hate having IEM's inside my ear canals. Now to see if I can justify expensing these at work. :)
Try the QC15? FYI, Tyll at innerfidelity said that the QC20 had the most isolation that he's ever tested, so good luck finding better. If you do, let us know.
If you don't like having IEMs in your ears and want something very comfortable with okay sound quality and great noise canceling. Get the Bose QC20.   The aware mode button is not a gimmick, it's pretty amazing if you need to quickly let noise in to talk to someone and you don't have to deal with reinserting your IEM's.
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