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Sort of on topic, does anyone know with the new bluetooth 4.2 chips and iOS 9, if the iPhones finally support AptX?
Apple won't admit to a flaw in their design, not after they sold >13Million on opening weekend.
I clearly hear the buzzing in his video, but I can not reproduce the issue on my dual driver IEM's. So far, the 6S+ sounds much warmer to me than the 5S did.
Hello!   Has anyone else ordered one of the new metal Apple Lightning Docks? ($50)    Mine arrived yesterday and this seems to sound bigger, more spacious, with clearer bass, and overall more authority over my iPhone 5S using the same volume settings within the music app. I assume the amps are different so volume matching might not be accurate using "clicks" on the iPhone.   Headphone being used is the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0's. I'm looking forward to...
I only turn on my Gungnir when I use it, and don't run int 24/7 like what seems like some of you folks do.   Are there any solid reasons on why running it warmed up makes a difference? Someone earlier said Mike Moffat said to leave it on, this is news to me.
Is that like the audio quest dragonfly which claims volume control in the analog domain using windows/mac digital volume control?
SE output is fine on the Gungnir to a amp w/ volume control. BAL output on the mjolnir to an amp that has balanced inputs has resulted in a minor issue for me. Mjolnir is picky about what amp is on the other end of the BAL OUT. In my case, with a Emotiva XPA-2 it caused the muting relay to click on and off non stop for a few minutes when you power off the speaker amp, like when I wanted to switch from speakers to headphones. Other than that it works just fine. The options...
I've had my Gun+Mjo for a couple years and recently picked up a Audioquest Dragonfly for a portable work rig when I'm in the office. I can't believe how smooth and natural the Sabre DAC in it sounds. Hopefully Jason/Mike consider creating a ESS Sabre DAC board option for the Gungnir in the future, if it's even possible.   Is the consensus that the AKM Dacs more analytical in nature?
If sound quality is your game, look elsewhere. Old and new iPhones are notoriously good for their discrete DAC chips. Samsung also has a pretty decent history of using Wolfson DAC's in their phones but you need to be very particular about which model you buy (US vs world models of the same phone can have different audio components).   Hope this helps.
 Could it be that newer DAC's resolve more information from the digital domain and can preserve it when converting to analog? This is a double edged sword IMHO, you get more detail which is a pro, but you hear all the faults that the audio engineer might of missed on his studio monitors. I relate it to people preferring the pleasing distortion that tube amplifiers provide. Less detail, less clean, but it emotionally involves them more because they're not distracted by a...
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