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If sound quality is your game, look elsewhere. Old and new iPhones are notoriously good for their discrete DAC chips. Samsung also has a pretty decent history of using Wolfson DAC's in their phones but you need to be very particular about which model you buy (US vs world models of the same phone can have different audio components).   Hope this helps.
 Could it be that newer DAC's resolve more information from the digital domain and can preserve it when converting to analog? This is a double edged sword IMHO, you get more detail which is a pro, but you hear all the faults that the audio engineer might of missed on his studio monitors. I relate it to people preferring the pleasing distortion that tube amplifiers provide. Less detail, less clean, but it emotionally involves them more because they're not distracted by a...
Half-life 3 confirmed!
I don't think that's the case. There aren't a lot of non-forum reviews of Schiit's higher end products. I understand Jason at Schiit likes mac's and I feel like the chassis design is somewhat influenced by Apple's simplicity and elegance. I think your connections via reviews, podcasts and discussing this stuff with other Apple enthusiasts can bring Schiit more customers because Apple enthusiasts appreciate nice, well designed things. To the average consumer Schiit gear is...
Should be interesting to see if the iphone 6 improves things when it (probably) lands in a few weeks.
Do we have measurements of both phones somewhere comparing them?
By best you mean newest? Then no. The 5C has the same highly regarded DAC/Amp as the 5. The 5S however introduced a newer model Cirrus DAC. To my knowledge nobody has done a comprehensive comparison from the 5/5C and 5S.
  Same thing happened to me. My left channel mini XLR started cutting out last week when I move it. Now i'm shopping for a new cable. It's a shame all non-audeze cables are so expensive... any recommendations for the budget minded?
Looking for a decent set of Audeze cables terminated to either dual 3 pin XLR or 4 pin XLR. Please PM me any offers, my original Audeze cables are falling apart and I'm not so sure about the quality audeze puts into their cables. I'd pick up a another set of audeze cables if the price is right though.   Thanks, if you have one, I'd be happy to hear from you.
Jason, FYI, if I click on the Bifrost link in the NYT article it leads to a dead end page.
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