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So I am coming back to the world of decent audio after a few years working in an African village and I am looking for some advice on getting the best performance from my HD600s using my computer as a source. My budget is somewhat limited at the moment to maybe only about $300 though if there is a compelling reason I could perhaps go as high as $500. Music is the priority though gaming capability is certainly a plusbut music is prob 80%. I am also interested in...
I can host in Athens, Though having an old house my power isnt all that clean. Otherwise I am good going into ATL. I know there are/were some other athens Headfiers and Id love to sample some gear they might have even if it wasnt a real meet. All I can offer is HD600s.
Unfortunately I lost my pictures when I did this and no longer have my A900s. This really is an easy mod to do that can have some really nice effects. Basically as has been said above is you take off the pads, take the drivers out of the cups, being careful to not to disconnect the wires. Then you remove the existing foam dampening and spread the blu-tak evenly on the cup. After that you use a few cotton balls pulled out to line the cups again. Then you put everything...
Purchased a Sky Blue Mini, wonderful transaction. Cant really say anything that hasnt already been said.
Quote: Originally Posted by Sh0eBoX my friend wants to know if this is any good of an amp: While I cant specifically comment on that amp, im going to say no, simply on the basis that this isnt an amp built for home listening, but really just for performers getting the mix to their headphones. My guess is you can find something much much better and the sound out of this would be quite...
Good Buyer. Fast payment. Not much else to say.
payment sent for two. [align=center]#20 - 21[/align]
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